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Kyle Marchuk wins men’s singles division of the Yukon Tennis Championships

Final goes to three sets before Marchuk is declared the winner
Kyle Marchuk, winner of the men’s singles division of the 2023 Yukon Tennis Championships takes a bite of his trophy. (Patrick Egwu/Yukon News)

Kyle Marchuk has won the men’s singles division of the 2023 Yukon Tennis Championships beating Shahid Syed in three sets 6-0, 3-6 and 6-3.

Marchuck won the championships in 2021 and before that in 2008.

The finals were played on Aug. 29 at the Mount McIntyre Tennis Courts. The competition had been scheduled to run from Aug. 9 to 22, but the men’s singles final was postponed to Aug. 29 to allow for round robin play to finish.

Marchuk said he felt good winning the competition despite playing with an injury.

“[Syed] tends to get the ball back quite often and he is very good at placing it, deceptive sort of tricky shots. So, I’m going one way and he kind of diverts the ball another way and catches me off guard,” he said.

Marchuck said the award is for the whole tennis community and it was cool having everyone coming out to support the game, including his family and friends.

Director Tennis Yukon Board Stacy Lewis said she was happy with how the competition turned out this year.

“We had mostly players who have been around for a while, but also a couple new players,” she said.

Lewis said the championships have been able to run some junior divisions in the past.

“It was great when that happens and we have a lot of flexibility if we have the demand like the ladies novice singles we had this year and we haven’t had that before,” she said.

She said there were newcomers because of a new program aimed at those new to the sport.

“[Newcomers] were nervous about competing so we did a novice event and that was great. So, we will definitely respond to whatever the players want,” she said.

On her impression about the finals, she told the News she was glad that the game went to three sets because that makes for a fun final.

“We have had a lot of enthusiasm this year and it’s been great to see everybody coming out to enjoy the game,” Lewis said.

In other events played at the championships, Ofnilieta Albeos defeated Anastasia Buyeva 6-0 and 6-1 in the women’s novice. In the women’s open, Fleur Marsella defeated Vickie Roche 6-0 and 6-1.

In the women’s doubles, Laurie Drummond and Marisa Johnson defeated Vickie Roche and Fleur Marsella 5-7, 6-0 and 7-5.

Marsella and Ken Anola won the mixed doubles 2-0.

In the men’s B singles, Guillaume Nielson won with a record of 3-0, while for the men’s doubles, Kieran Halliday and Matthias Hoenish won 6-0 and 6-3.

“I have to give a shoutout to Stacy for doing such a great job with organizing this and getting people together,” Marchuk said.

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