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Our Team

Richard Eden - General Manager

Richard Eden
I have over a decade of experience in managing and promoting organizations across diverse sectors, including media, nonprofits, SMEs, and government.

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Jim Elliot - EDITOR

Jim Elliot
I’m a B.C. transplant here in Whitehorse at The News telling stories about the Yukon's people, environment, and culture.

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Dana Hatherly - Multimedia Journalist

Dana Hatherly
I’m the legislative reporter for the Yukon News.

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Rielle Castro - Multimedia Marketing Specialist

Rielle Castro
I joined the Yukon News in February 2023. In my free time, I try to explore the wonders the Yukon has to offer. In terms of services, my field of expertise is mainly organic marketing, SEO, digital, and print advertising.

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Justin Tremblay - Senior Pressman

Justin Tremblay
I joined the Yukon News as a press assistant in 2004 and began training to run the press in 2008.

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