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Fundraiser launched to support daughters of woman killed in Faro

Oct. 26 shootings left two dead, one more seriously injured
Saengduean Honchaiyaphum (GoFundMe)

Fundraisers assisting others affected by the fatal Oct. 26 shooting in the small Yukon community of Faro are joined by one helping some of its most vulnerable victims — the daughters of the woman who was killed.

The fundraiser benefits Saengduean Honchaiyaphum’s two daughters. Honchaiyaphum was one of two people killed in the shootings that also left one man badly injured.

The fundraiser, created by Kara Went, is seeking $100,000 to help ensure the dreams Honchaiyaphum had for her children can come true.

“University, travel, a first car…. They have experienced more than enough trauma in their young lives, and if we can all help them get through their future with minimal barriers it would be amazing,” the appeal for donations reads.

“All donations will be placed in bank accounts that have been set up for her daughters.”

Five days after its creation, the campaign had raised $30,105 from 214 donors.

Ralph Shaw was taken into custody following the Oct. 26 shootings. He is facing two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

Court records show a legal proceeding between Honchaiyaphum and Shaw under the Yukon’s Family Violence Protection Act was initiated in 2021 but no further details about it are publically accessible.

The GoFundMe page says Honchaiyaphum fled an emotionally abusive relationship with help from friends three months ago.

“The last three months have been the happiest we have ever seen her and her daughters. She found a wonderful man who was so friendly, caring, and full of life. Her daughters were full of smiles and joy. That is how we are going to remember her,” Went writes in the GoFundMe campaign.

Honchaiyaphum’s daughters are in the care of another Faro family. The GoFundMe page says the family and the Yukon government’s Family and Children’s Services Department are providing for their needs, but money raised will assist with their future.

Fundraisers for the other victims were also launched in the week following the shooting.

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