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Yukon government, Village of Carmacks sign waste management agreement

The agreement aims to modernize solid waste facilities
The Village of Carmacks has signed an interim regional solid waste management facility agreement with the Yukon government. (Yukon News file)

The Yukon government and the Village of Carmacks have signed an interim regional solid waste management facility agreement.

Per a July 18 release, the Village of Carmacks joins Watson Lake and Teslin in the signing of these new agreements, which the Yukon government says “provide financial support to rural municipalities to modernize solid waste facilities and extend waste management services to unincorporated residents within a regional boundary.”

In April, Watson Lake and Teslin became the first municipalities to sign interim waste agreements. Municipalities will receive per capita funding so residents within each boundary can access a regional waste management facility.

“Improved facilities reflect progressive and sustainable practices that benefit both the economy and the environment,” the statement said, adding that through the agreement, Carmacks has the potential to receive an amount exceeding $32,000 in total to upgrade operations and address liability requirements.

“These agreements reflect progress by the Yukon government, in partnership with the Association of Yukon Communities, to improve how solid waste is managed across the territory,” it read.

Community Services Minister Richard Mostyn said the government is pleased to have Carmacks sign the agreement.

“This shows their dedication to improving solid waste management in their community and the Yukon,” he said.

With the agreement, he noted, the majority of Yukon municipalities have now signed on to the program jointly developed with the Association of Yukon Communities.

“Together, we are realizing our shared goal of sustainable, local, solid waste services,” Mostyn said.

Carmacks Mayor Lee Bodie said supporting the Village of Carmacks in signing the interim regional solid waste agreement is a “necessary step toward more sustainable and responsible waste management in our community.

“The funding provided by the Yukon government as part of these agreements will support improvements to our facilities, including extra staffing and a new gate system,” he said. “When available, a new weigh scale will assist us in monitoring input to the facility. We greatly appreciate the advocacy of the Association of Yukon Communities and its members, whose input helped make these agreements possible.”

According to the statement, with regional agreements in place, the Yukon is moving toward staffed and gated facilities with consistent services in the municipalities.

“Final agreements will replace the interim agreements once the lease and liability agreements are in place and once gates, staff and tipping fees have been implemented,” the statement read.

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