The new median is seen on Two Mile Hill. (Amy Kenny/Yukon News)

The new median is seen on Two Mile Hill. (Amy Kenny/Yukon News)

Two Mile Hill construction nears completion

Work to median a separate project from Two Mile Hill paths

The City of Whitehorse said construction on Two Mile Hill is nearing completion.

The construction, being done in partnership with the Yukon government, includes intersection upgrades at Hamilton Boulevard, the Alaska Highway and Range Road.

City spokesperson Oshea Jephson said the resurfacing of the road began in 2022 and is now substantially completed, with a few minor items remaining.

Jephson said the project was identified in the 2022-2025 capital budget with a total price tag of approximately $3.6 million, including the overlay of 4th Avenue, Range Road North and Two Mile Hill.

Asked why the median was prioritized over the two paths on either side of the hill, Jephson said the city is making several improvements to its active transportation infrastructure and that the two projects are unrelated.

“The median and especially the concrete curb and gutter had deteriorated beyond repair and required full replacement,” he explained.

The News asked if there are plans in place to improve pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure on Two Mile Hill in the future.

Jephson said the city is currently in the process of developing its transportation master plan, which looks at how residents move throughout the city across a variety of mediums, including cycling, walking and driving, among others.

This work, he said, will also look at Two Mile Hill, which serves as a major artery for active transportation users.

Whitehorse also has a bicycle network plan, which will be used to further inform the transportation master plan, he said.

“This plan has also informed some of the city’s other active transportation initiatives, including an active transportation connection for Two Mile Hill users from Two Mile onto Chilkoot Way, over to the Riverfront Trail. Additionally, this year the city has a budget to complete asphalt path rehabilitation work on a number of asphalt paths and some work on Two Mile Hill is included in that scope,” Jephson noted.

He said the 2023-2026 capital plan includes a project to commence engineering design for improvements at the intersection of Two Mile Hill and Industrial Road focused on improving safety for all users.

Members of the public have raised concerns about how chaotic the construction site is. Jephson said the city is always looking to improve how it delivers work in the community, including through its contractors.

“While no project is seamless, the city’s contractors are encouraged to minimize the impacts and ensure they are communicating with the public in a way that supports movement through the community and limits disruptions,” he noted.

He said if anyone has any concerns about a project, they can reach out to or call 867-668-8305.

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