Tom Thomson, ‘glitter skunks’ and wolverines: Trapped opens at Yukon Arts Centre

Winnipeg-based artist Willow Rector’s new show runs until Nov.25

Human rights activist Payam Akhavan opens Massey Lectures in Whitehorse Sept. 13

‘We are incomplete if we are insensitive to the suffering of others’

Local play aims to give authentic glimpse of Yukon life

‘It offers perspectives that community members in the audience might not even be aware exist’

Taking a closer look at Kluane National Park

This summer’s bioblitz uncovered a snail not spotted in the Yukon before

REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


    REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


      REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


        REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


          New language classes in Old Crow aim to teach adults Gwich’in

          The classes this fall will be offered one day per week, for six hours a day, for 16 or 17 weeks.

          • Aug 25th, 2017

          Driftwood Holly’s little boat becomes driftwood itself

          If you’re on Lake Laberge and you see a little paddlewheeler, kindly send it downriver

          • Aug 24th, 2017

          Whitehorse band Ukes of Hazard wrap up epic summer

          ‘You want to keep those great things happening. You have to keep working’

          • Aug 22nd, 2017

          Despite strong Alaska numbers, Yukon First Nations reporting low chinook returns

          ‘We don’t want to be like the cod fishery in the East Coast’

          The most electrifying women in sports entertainment

          Dawson City’s League of Lady Wrestlers goes out with a bang

          Haines Junction’s new Augusto Festival focuses on the Yukon’s smallest fans

          Organizers plan a weekend of festivities specifically aimed at kids

          Horse hotel: RCMP Musical Ride takes over Whitehorse arena

          18 dump truck loads of dirt, 175 bales of special hay and a lot of wood chips

          Invasive species a threat to Yukon environment and economy

          ‘I worry about zebra mussels, to be honest’

          After five years, Dawson City’s League of Lady Wrestlers to storm the ring one last time

          ‘It’s going to be a lot of emotion and a lot of energy. It’s a big work of beauty.’

          In Haines, the salmon are biting

          I don’t come to Haines for bears. I come for fish

          Invaders: Many common ‘wildflowers’ are invasive species in the Yukon

          Ox-eye daisies, sweet clover and hawkbeard are among the most common invaders

          Don’t rely on bear spray in the back country, experts say

          Not knowing how to use bear spray properly can lead to a grizzly scene

          • Jul 27th, 2017

          The life and times (and bag limits) of Yukon’s lake trout

          ‘They’re something as spectactular as a grizzly’