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before buying harper canadians should kick the wheels

Stephen Harper’s support is starting to ebb.Too little, too late, perhaps, but maybe just enough to save the country from a Conservative…

Lang sows the seeds of a lawsuit

Land scandals and Archie Lang seem to be synonymous these days.First, exceeding his authority, he promised to grant a research forest to the Yukon…

Time for a raise

Inflation can sneak up on you.One minute you’re spending $7 for a BLT and fries. The next it’s $9.

a new high in lows

This has been a deplorable federal election campaign.The promises have been too grandiose.The attacks too pointed.Substance lacking.

Death by a thousand gaffes

Would you rather die in a lion’s maw, or be gnawed to death by squirrels and their ilk?This is the question Energy, Mines and Resources…

Being dragonflies

Dragonflies are nature’s perfect flying machines. They hold their centre of gravity right at the base of their wings.

infilling is ill advised

I think our city officials are nuts.They want to risk destroying three of Whitehorse’s nicest and oldest residential neighbourhoods because…

more money well wasted

I know the Yukon Party owes Ken McKinnon a lot.But paying him $115,000 (plus expenses) for 13 months’ work to produce a report on electoral…

The Right side of the law

On April 19th 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a yellow rental truck beside the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and walked away.