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Yukon figure skater Mikayla Kramer joins Disney on Ice

After submitting an audition tape to Disney on Ice, Yukon figure skater Mikayla Kramer earned an ensemble role
Mikayla Kramer, seen here during the Arctic Edge Skating Club’s The Wizard of Oz ice show in 2019, has successfully auditioned for Disney on Ice. (Crystal Schick/Yukon News file)

Yukon figure skater Mikayla Kramer will be spreading the joy and magic of Disney this fall.

On July 9, it was announced that Kramer had successfully auditioned for Disney on Ice. Kramer will travel to Oklahoma in the fall to begin her training.

“I am so excited to be a part of Disney on Ice,” said Kramer, 18. “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I just didn’t think I’d be doing it so suddenly. I’m just a little bit overjoyed I guess.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kramer wasn’t able to audition in person. Instead, she had to create an audition video for the Disney on Ice recruiting team.

“I made this four-minute video of myself to show why I love skating and love performing,” said Kramer. “And, you also had to submit this one-page resume, like a job resume, but a skating resume.”

Kramer’s audition video can be found on the Arctic Edge Skating Club’s Facebook page.

“From that video, I got an email about a week or two later saying they wanted me to be a part of the team,” said Kramer. “Then, the next day they gave me a more specific role and the contract. It was very exciting. It happened so fast.”

Her role in the Disney magic

Kramer has an impressive skating resume. Throughout her competitive skating career, she has won several awards for her artistry and has placed provincially and nationally — including a fifth-place finish at the 2020 Skate Canada BC/YK Sectional Championships in Kelowna.

In 2018, Kramer played Dorothy in the Arctic Edge Skating Club’s Wizard of Oz Ice Show.

When Kramer joins the Disney on Ice crew she will start in the ensemble of the show.

“I’m part of the ensemble and I also got an understudy role,” said Kramer. “It’s not specific yet, I’ll know more details when I get there, but for now I’m part of the ensemble and I’m very happy with that.”

Being in the ensemble, Kramer said, is being in the background, supporting the main character and being a part of the story.

Skating in a show is more artistic than skating in a competition setting, said Kramer.

“It’s not more relaxed, but you aren’t doing the triple-jumps,” said Kramer. “You are more focused on performing and facial expressions and being a Disney princess pretty much.”

Beginning the show preparation

Kramer will leave for Oklahoma in late August and begin training on August 30.

“I’m very excited,” Kramer said. “I don’t know what it’s going to be like. I know it’s going to be long days and a very different side of skating. You aren’t training to compete anymore, you’re training to perform.”

Outside of her role as Dorothy, Kramer said she hasn’t had many other performance opportunities.

“I haven’t done any other character roles like this,” said Kramer. “But I’m so excited, I love performing. That’s one of my favourite parts about figure skating. I love to put on a show for an audience.”

A minor foot injury has kept Kramer off the ice recently. However, she is still working to be ready for August.

“I’m still training in my off-ice and my running,” said Kramer. “You have to be really fit to be putting in these long hours of show practice. When I head back to Kelowna where I usually train I’ll be skating an hour a day, instead of my regular training of three hours a day.

“I just need to be fit and be able to do a few jumps and spins needed for the show.”

A thank you to her supporters

Kramer said the support she’s received in the Yukon, from her coaches to members of the community, has helped her reach this dream.

“All my support I’ve gotten from the Yukon has definitely helped me get to where I am right now,” said Kramer. “My coaches when I was younger here, I have to thank them, because without them I wouldn’t be the skater that I am now.”

Anne Milton, the director of skating at Arctic Edge, said Kramer has been a “phenomenally motivated skater from the moment she stepped on the ice.”

“She started coaching on top of her competitive training at the age of 16 showing a natural ability for sharing her enjoyment and passion with young skaters,” said Milton. “Mikayla is the full package, technically a motivated hard-working athlete, talented artist, a strong leader and genuinely kind person.

“She has been an absolute inspiration to upcoming skaters, giving back to our club every time she is here in the Yukon.”

Disney on Ice tours through the States, stopping one week in each city. It’s going to be a magical journey for Kramer.

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