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Yukon Dog Mushers Association holds preliminary race at Ibex Valley tracks

The event included 19 participants racing in six categories

The Yukon Dog Mushers Association held a preliminary race at its Ibex Valley tracks on Jan. 4 with racers competing in eight-mile (13-kilometre), 15-mile (24-km) and five-mile (eight-km) distances.

Open to both mushers and skijorers, the day featured 19 different participants in a total of six categories.

In the six-dog eight-mile dog sled race, Mandy Johnson and her team finished first with a time of 25 minutes and eight seconds. Armin Johnson was second with a time of 26 minutes and 42 seconds, followed by Deb Knight in third with a time of 31 minutes flat.

Just two people participated in the two-dog eight-mile skijor race, as Virginia Sarrazin finished first in 27 minutes and 39 seconds followed by Amil Dupuis-Rossi second with a time of 32 minutes and 10 seconds.

Four mushers took part in the 10-dog 15-mile race. Armin finished first in 48 minutes and 19 seconds, with Hans Gatt second in 49 minutes and 10 seconds, and Susie Rogan third in 50 minutes and 49 seconds.

Alex Rochat won the four-dog five-mile dog sled race with a time of 16 minutes and 37 seconds. Second place went to Laura Vinnedge with a time of 18 minutes and 29 seconds, and third place went to Eva Nielsen with a time of 19 minutes and 24 seconds.

The two-dog five-mile skijor race was won by Jonathan Lucas with a time of 19 minutes and 38 seconds. Nadele Flynn was second with a time of 21 minutes and 17 seconds.

Lastly, in the one-dog kids sled race, Heidi Johnson finished first with a time of 13 seconds, with Landen Nielsen second in 14 seconds, Elan Johnson third in 17 seconds and Bode Johnson fourth in 18 seconds.

The YDMA will be holding trials for the upcoming Arctic Winter Games on Feb. 13 at the Ibex Valley tracks.

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Six-dog eight-mile dog sled results

1Mandy Johnson 25:08

2Armin Johnson 26:42

3Deb Knight 31:00

4Deb Taisne 33:10

5Lindsay Caskenette 34:19

Two-dog eight-mile skijor results

1Virginia Sarrazin 27:39

2Amil Dupuis-Rossi 32:10

10-dog 15-mile dog sled results

1Armin Johnson 48:19

2Hans Gatt 49:10

3Susie Rogan 50:49

4Mandy Johnson 51:05

Four-dog five-mile dog sled results

1Alex Rochat 16:37

2Laura Vinnedge 18:29

3Eva Nielsen 19:24

4Taylyn Thomas 25:42

Two-dog five-mile skijor results

1Jonathan Lucas 19:38

2Nadele Flynn 21:17

One-dog kids sled results

1Heidi Johnson 0:13

2Landen Nielsen 0:14

3Elan Johnson 0:17

4Bode Johnson 0:18