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Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Associations holds season’s first Harescramble

YCCMA’s first Harescramble of the year saw 55 riders of all ages participate

The Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association opened its riding season with the Mosquito Harescramble on July 24 at the Schirmer family ranch.

The race format was endurance racing through a long trail. Riders would race one to three hours depending on their class, while C classes did 20-minute races.

“Enduro racing is a fun and very physically demanding sport which relies on technical skill with the motorcycle,” said race organizer Mike Beaman.

There were three tracks at the Schirmer ranch. The C track is a single track and open trail for the young kids. The B track had an open trail with optional intermediate obstacles and the A track had an open trail with intermediate and expert obstacles including logs, tires, rocks and hill climbs.

“The tracks are designed to level the field by challenging the riders with obstacles of varying difficulty depending on class so that the ride with the most skill wins, not the fastest bike,” said Beaman.

The racing mixed many disciplines including trails and Enduro-X, Beaman added.

It was a great turnout for the first day of racing, said Beaman. Fifty-five riders had registered with riders of all ages participating.

The winner of each class was determined by who did the most laps of the course in the allotted time frame.

YCCMA Mosquito Harescramble results:

Loic Revel came out on top of the Junior C division. Tallon Williams and Gerald Baglee were second and third.

The Junior B Girls class was taken by Sophie Hadley who was followed by Leah Muir and Rylee Oulton.

KJ Raymond was the winner of the Junior B category. Casey Hadley and Memphis Nolan placed second and third respectively.

Mel Mihoc did the most laps in the Ladies B race. Breanna Muir and Dorothy Kuk joined Mihoc on the podium.

The Sportsman B division’s winner was John Dewhurst. Kevin Welin was second and Felix Hebert placed third.

Aven Muir navigated the obstacles best in the Intermediate B class. The runners-up were Jorge Quaile and Kayden Brulotte.

Ryder Brulotte was the victor of the Expert B race. Colby Hadley and Alex Arsenault earned the other top spots.

The Intermediate A class was taken by Jarrid Davy who navigated the obstacles expertly. Neil Ryckman and Tony Watson finished just behind Davy.

Sam Schirmer won the Expert A division and was followed by Julien Revel and Teo Blakie.

The next YCCMA races will be on August 28 and Sept. 18. The locations of the events are to be decided.

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