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XC motorcycle season jumps into gear

The Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association is all revved up for another season.

The Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association is all revved up for another season.

About 40 riders were out as the YCCMA hosted its first event of the season, the Mosquito Endurocross, on Sunday at the Schirmer Family Ranch off the South Klondike Highway.

“We had a really good turnout with the kids this time. Probably more than half the riders were under 16,” said YCCMA president Mike Beaman.

“We’ve been making some improvements to the course, widening out obstacles, making things a little more interesting for the racing. This time we introduced some more obstacles for the B level riders, some more intermediate obstacles, for them to have a bit of fun.”

The event marked the third straight year the YCCMA hosted an endurocross in which riders race three 15-minute mini heats that eventually determine a winner.

However, the organization does have something new in store. The YCCMA will next host a MotoTrials (or motorcycle trials) event on July 10 at Whitehorse’s Mount Sima.

MotoTrial bikes are specialized lightweight motorcycles designed to be riden in a standing position.

“There’s probably 10 of the bikes in Yukon right now,” said Beaman. “Basically you have a short course with lots of obstacles and you try not to put your foot down, so it takes a lot of skill on the motorcycle to get it through the course. If you put your foot down you gain a point, up to a maximum of five ... Whoever has the lowest score wins.”

The YCCMA will also host a harescramble race Aug. 28 at the Schirmer Ranch and a two-day event Sept. 24-25, also at the Ranch.

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1st Kya Larkin (Yamaha)

2nd Mia Raymond (Yamaha)

3rd KJ Raymond (Yamaha)


1st Seth Adams (Kawasaki)

2nd Cody Adams (KTM)

3rd Seth Neunherz (Yamaha)

Junior Under 15

1st Saul Gale (Yamaha)

2nd Austin Larkin (Kawasaki)

3rd Wyatt Sheardown-Waugh (Yamaha)

Intermediate B

1st Dustin Robitaille (Honda)

2nd Broden Cull (Yamaha)

3rd Cole Beaman (KTM)

SNbSIntermediate A

1st Neil Ryckman (Yamaha)

2nd Richard Law (Yamaha)

3rd Shane Orban (Husaburg)

SNbSExpert A

1st Sam Schirmer (KTM)

2nd Joey Chretien (Yamaha)

3rd Travis Adams (Yamaha)