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Whitehorse Dental Donkeys take opening slo pitch tourney

Twenty-eight teams picked up the bats for this weekend’s opening tourney at the Pepsi Softball Centre, and when the dust settled, the…

Twenty-eight teams picked up the bats for this weekend’s opening tourney at the Pepsi Softball Centre, and when the dust settled, the Whitehorse Dental Donkeys emerged on top in Division One.

The Donkeys finished ahead of the Roche Firth Financial Pugs, and the KDFN Chiefs finished in third spot.

In Division Two, the Roadhouse finished in top spot, followed by Kal Tire and the Chilkoot Brewers.

Division Three’s winners were the Co-Operaiders, the Puck Pockets and Coasters Bulldogs.

TEC Drywall won Division Four, Kubota Hoes took second and the Crown Royals finished third.

Sportslife Trail Run

Thursday’s run at Chadburn Lake saw 20 runners congregate to tackle about seven kilometres of trails.

The evening was a bit brisk to begin with, but after a brief splatter of rain at the start, the sun came out and heated runners as they navigated the trail along the Yukon River bluffs.

Navigation turned out to be a touch problematic though for five of the runners; they missed the turn back off the river trail towards Chadburn. But to every detour there’s a silver lining: you get to spend extra time on Yukon trails.

Here’s the results from the Sportslife trail run on Thursday:

1st Joel Macht, 33:00

2nd Darren Holcombe, 35:16

3rd Bob Nishikawa, 38:45

4th Carolyn Coombs, 39:10

5th Keith Lay, 41:02

6th Maureen Johnstone, 41:42

7th Terry Boone, 41:48

8th Brian Mottus, 41:49

9th Meagan Phillips, 41:54

10th Elyn Jones, 43:40

11th Nicole Hulstein, 44:08

12th Lena Nielsen, 47:08

13th Tracey Taylor, 47:13

14th Audrey Meyer, 47:38

15th Sue Mueller, 48:11

Detoured runners: Fred Vandenot, Chris Locke, Olivier Pellegrin, Joanne Connelly, and Melissa Hiller

This week’s run loops around the Hidden Lakes area behind Riverdale. It’s about seven kilometres long with some great hills.

Meet at the Hidden Lakes parking lot; the run starts at 6:30 p.m. (For those focused runners who keep their heads down, biodegradable paint will mark the ground at the junctions.)

Whitehorse Minor Soccer

Under-12 (Monday)

Boston Pizza 3

The Deli 1

Cole Morris led the BP squad with a pair of goals, and Sam Burgis added one. Adam Waddington was named MVP for his outstanding shutout goaltending in the first half.

Andrew Scoffin had the lone Deli goal, and Jorey Bauer took the MVP nod for stellar runs through the middle and two shots off the post.

Eldorado Ranch 5

EVF Fuelwood 2

Alidas Jamnicky and Peter Joe Jensen scored two goals each for Eldorado Ranch and Trygg Jensen put one in. Liam Finnegan took the MVP nod.

Aidan Uiterwaal and Kieran Moorehouse scored for EVF, and Emilie St-Pierre was named MVP.

Under-11 (Monday)

Prime Meridian 5

Medicine Chest 0

Bradon Lefler led the Prime Meridian squad with a pair of goals, and MVP Danika Pennell, Ian Hansen and Kieran Stacey added singles. Max Clarke was the Chest’s top player.

Whitehorse Minor Softball

Peanut division (Wednesday)

Northwest Vacuum 11

7-Up 11

Boston Pizza 9

Dr. Pepper 9

Learn to Play division (Wednesday)

Root Beer 9

Pepsi 9

Orange Crush 10

Elk’s Lodge #306 10