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Stewart posts first sub 45 minute finish on the Copper Haul

ukon Quest veteran Bill Stewart set a record for the fastest time in the Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister on Saturday.

ukon Quest veteran Bill Stewart set a record for the fastest time in the Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister on Saturday.

It was another good turnout for the third of six monthly races, with eight kids’ teams, four pet-dog teams, and 25 Twister teams — from Atlin, Haines Junction, Carmacks, Mendenhall, Carcross, Tagish and Whitehorse — making it becoming a Yukon-wide race.

Mushers and skijorers from as far as Winnipeg, North Bay and England competed as well.

Next up in the Yukon Brewing League is the Duffy’s Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day on Saturday Feb 24th.

Check out all the details from previous races at

Alpine Vet Race, Saturday’s top finishers:

Copper Haul Twister,

19 kilometres

1st Bill Stewart, 44:23

2nd Dave Johnson, 46:42

3rd Lee Kirkpatrick, 49:53

4th Jeremy Matrishon, 52:38

5th Hans Gatt, 53:17

(3 dog skijor)

6th Jonathan Lucas, 54:20

(4 dog skijor)

7th Jim Hajash, 55:56

8th Luc Tweddell, 56:07

9th Trevor Braun,

57:07 (4 dog skijor)

10th Jane Vincent, 57:22

(3 dog skijor)

Non-sled dog race,

five kilometres

1st Andy Lera, 16:46,

2nd Mark Manolis, 22:54

3rd Heather Desmarais, 23:17

4th Dave Desmarais, 27:41

Kids race, five kilometres

1st (tie) Ben Kinvig,

Rachel Kinvig, 9:36

3rd Katherine MacKellar,


4th Aileena Rueckenbach,


5th Finn Matrishon, 12:17

6th Jeffrey Diment, 12:19   

Indoor soccer

Under-18 (Thursday)

Shaske & Zeiner 11

Dave’s Cleaning 9

Shaske & Zeiner managed to outscore the Cleaners with Marcus Liebau netting five goals, Jessica Williams and David Hemmings scoring two each, Natalia Jimenez and Paul Profeit scored as well. Thomas McWhinnie took MVP honours as goaltender.

Sandy Schneider led the Cleaners with four goals and took MVP for her efforts. Jimmy Semaschuk added a pair, and Aaron Holloway, Cody Morrison and Kynan McIntyre scored as well.

Under-15 (Thursday)

Pine Plumbing 15

Colad Esthetics 2

Pine Plumbing certainly got things flowing, with Michael Donohoe scoring four goals, Cody Reaume netting a hat trick, and Tyler Pumphrey, MVP Jaime Whitty, Josh Scheffen and Mauricio Ruiz all adding two goals each.

Cole Mickey and MVP Kaitlyn Peterson scored for Colad.

Audette Construction 10

The Electrical Shop 10

The lack of goalies (and substitutes) caused a goal scoring frenzy until the referee required goals by heading only.

That still didn’t stop either team from scoring on the goal line in strange prostrate poses. Michael Abbott scored five, and Brett Hills added three for The Electrical Shop, and Nicholas Daniels, Raissa Anderson and Naomi Hardisty added singles.

Dakota Couch scored six goals for Audette and Tyler Audette added a hat trick. Rhiannon Jones added the tenth goal.

Under-13 (Wednesday)

Snap On Tools 8

Locksmith Services 2

Joaquin McWatters and Dylan Sands split the scoring evenly for Snap On, with four goals each. Caleb Smith took the MVP nod.

Locksmith Services scorers were Claire Lindsay and MVP Cody Bjork-Andison.  

Mackay LLP 6

Bumper to Bumper 0

Travis Pumphrey led Mackay with a pair of goals, and Cameron Weeks, Shayna Jordan, Curtis Van Bibber and Jake Ruddy added singles. Stephanie Pike was named player of the game.

Coldwell Banker 12

Alpine Bakery 4

Coldwell’s Kurtis Hills had four goals on the night, while Marten Sealy scored three, and Tyson Baxter added a pair. Robyn Fortune, Ella Parker, Massey Baker added singles, and the MVP was Linda Aranda.

Jesse Cebuliak and Brittany Banks scored two each for Alpine, and Avery Enzenauer was named top player.

Under-11 (Wednesday)

Remax 12

Rafter A Ranch 6

A high-scoring game provided great entertainment for everyone as David Grove topped the scoring list for Remax with four goals, Graeme Mainer-Pearson added three, Brendan Gendron and Cassidy Griffis-Gonder had two each, and Kieran Morehouse added a single.

MVP for Remax was Cheyenne Bradley, who was great on defense, and stopped many of the Ranchers’ good scoring chances.

Ranchers’ top scorer was Ryley Andrews with three goals, Tyson added two, and Ashton Schaver, as keeper scored one. MVP was Kirsten Smith.

MicMac Toyota 6

Intersport 2

Yuigi Blackburn scored the hat trick for MicMac, MVP Aaron Vienneau scored a pair, while Belgie Nunez added one.

Intersport scorers were MVP Andrew Scoffin and Meghan Lannigan.

Sale Salvage 6

Whitehorse Star 1

Peter Joe Jensen booted in three, Trygg Jensen two, and Logan Frasher one for Sale Salvage. Garrett Stagg responded for the Star. MVPs were Emily Dorosz for Sale and Dahria Jordan for the Star.

Under-nine (Thursday)

Coates Services 4

Northern Denture Clinic 1

Riley Smoler scored two as Coates dominated this defensive battle. Brayden Klassen, and Kelcy Armstrong added singles and MVP went to Caelan McLean.

Scoring for Northern Denture Clinic was Aimée Parker.

Elks 6

Better Bodies 3

Alex Bouvier and Dakota Thompson netted a pair each, and Shayla Hamilton and Peter Jacob added singles. Ross McBee took the MVP nod.

Better Bodies scorers were Shawn Clarke, Josh Larouche, and Izak Lazeo Fairman. Tia Oster was named top player.

Brouwer Claims Canada 9

Tim Hortons 3

Chris Torgerson scored six goals for Brouwer, and Samantha Wintemute added three. MVP was Brett Nichol.

Tim Hortons’ scorers were Odessa Beatty, with two and Luka VanRanden. Damien Terry took the top player honours for Tim’s.

Under-seven (Thursday)

Murraya Dental 7

Plantation Flowers

and Gifts 5

Murraya Dental’s MVP was Noah Curtis, and Plantation Flowers and Gift’s top player was Hannah Bjork-Andison

Yukon News 5

Underhill Geomatics 2

Ryan Hindson led the News with two goals, and Liam Adel and Elisha Leenders added singles. MVP was Brody Ryckman.

Goal scorers for Underhill Geomatics were Anthony Barteaux and Tyler Milton. Tyler Milton was also named the MVP for Underhill.


Oldtimers Hockey

Thursday results:

Klondyke Dental Molars 7

Firth Rangers 3

Woody Bennett led the Molars with two goals, while Gerry Rivest, Laurie Malo, Mark Pinter, Ron Daub and Bryan Alp added goals as well.

Scoring for the Rangers were Bob Allison, Ted Hupe and Tim Turner-Davis.

Kilrich 3

Edgewater Hotel 2

Paul Lackowicz, Wade Harrison and Stu Mackay scored for Kilrich, while Sean McAskie and Rick Smith scored for the Edgewater.

Sunday results:

Performance Centre

Turbos 11

Firth Rangers 5

The Turbos’ Brian Fedoriak led the assault on Firth with five goals and three assists. Rob Millar netted three goals, and a pair of assists, and Matt Sills scored one and helped out on three. Glen Heinbigner and Lance Bevilacqua scored one goal, and two assists each.

Joel Witten led the Rangers with two goals and an assist. Paul Sahagian, Dave Borud and Gord Campbell added singles.

Yukon Inn 4

Kilrich 4

Dave Pearson scored a pair for Yukon Inn, while Dave White and Bernie Adilman added singles.

Wade Harrison led Kilrich by scoring two goals, and Al Koehle and Stu Mackay scored as well.