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Snowboarders take on Mount Sima in Yukon Champs

Close to 30 competitors test their skills in style events and snowboard cross
Competitors in Snowboard Yukon’s Yukon Champs are seen at Mount Sima during the April 1 and 2 competitions. (Snowboard Yukon/Facebook)

Close to 30 snowboarders took on Mount Sima on April 1 and 2 as Snowboard Yukon hosted its Yukon Champs.

Over the course of the two days, competitors took part in the Pokey and Coyote Park slopestyle events and snowboard cross.

The two slopestyle events were held April 1 beginning in Pokey Park where more than 20 competed.

Poppy Spiers Leung took top spot in the U10 female devision with a best run score of 39.6. Behind her was Nevay MacKinnon who finished with a best run score of 39. Gally Cann placed third with a best run score of 37.25.

In the U10 male division, Luca Kwan-Teau placed first with a best run score of 67.75 while Léon Boriase took second with a best run of 67. In third was Dallen Dubois at 54.25.

In the 11-12 male division, Seamus MacDonald dominated the podium with a best run score of 91.75, while Oliver Cann took second at 55.5. Charly Melin finished third at 42.

The 11-12 female division saw Eva Benkert as the lone competitor, finishing with a best run score of 47.75. Similarly the 13-14 female division also only had one competitor with Lily Harvey finishing with a best run score of 39.5.

Four competitors took on the 13-14 male division with Will Stenzig claiming top spot with a best run score of 81.25. Behind him was Leo Spiers Leung at 79.5, while Roman Zazula placed third at 63.25 and Tycho Roy-Gelinas finished fourth at 62.25.

In the 15-17 male category, Eli Marsh finished with a best run score of 71.5 while Sascha Nelson finished with 57.5.

The RAD division — defined on the Snowboard Yukon website as “any age as long as you’re rad” — saw Jake Wykes finish with a best run score of 86. Behind Wykes was Esa Suominen at 66.75, Angeline Sullivan at 50 and Bobby Prematunga at 43.

The Coyote Park slopestyle event saw open, U16 male and U16 female divisions with Stian Lanbakk coming out on top in the open division with a best run score of 96. Leo Spiers Leung finished second at 71.75, with Connor Boland in third at 67.25 and Gebz Argal in fourth at 46.

The U16 male category had the highest number of entrants with Seamus MacDonald taking first at 80.75. Stenzig finished with 74.5 and Boriase at 58.5. Behind them were Roy-Gelinas at 58; Eli Wolsky at 49.25; Oliver Cann at 45.75; Alexander Hendricks and Zazula both at 41.75; and Melin at 38.

Sascha Nelson was the lone competitor in the U16 female division finishing with a best run score of 37. 25.

Snowboardcross saw competitors race head-to-head with Spiers Leung once again in top spot for the U10 female division. Blue Jones placed second.

In the U10 male division Boriase took top spot followed by Henry Parker, Dallen Dubois and Luca Kwan-Teau.

Benkert was once again the lone competitor in the 11-12 female division, while the 11-12 male division saw three competitors. MacDonald finished first, followed by Cann and Melin.

For the 13-14 male division, it was Wolsky who finished first, followed by Langbakk, Zazula, Marcus Fred, Roy-Gelinas, Spiers Leung and Johannes Benkert.

On the 13-14 female side, Aven Sutton claimed top spot, with Harvey in second.

Riley Boland was the lone competitor in the 15-17 male division.

The snowboard cross also had a RAD category with Johnny Lindsay taking first followed by Brent Langbakk, Chris Boland, Sandor Elek, Sullivan, Jon Gelinas and Bobby Prematunga.

In the open division, Gabe Rivest finished first with Pelly Vincent-Braun coming in second, Wykes in third, Justin Kennedy in fourth and Eli Marsh in fifth.

The Fam Jam Trophy was also awarded to the Langbakk Benkert family. Awarded at the end of the weekend, the trophy goes to the family with the most points. The Langbakk Bankert family earned six over the weekend with four members participating. Points were given for each competing family member each time they entered an event with more points added for the medals earned over the weekend.

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