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Snowboard Yukon, Board Stiff hoping for ‘year of years’

Last year’s unexpected closure of Mount Sima did more than leave snowboarders without a slope to carve.

Last year’s unexpected closure of Mount Sima did more than leave snowboarders without a slope to carve. It left the boarding community in disarray.

However, Snowboard Yukon and Board Stiff are hoping to pull the boarding community back together beginning with the Second Annual Movie Showcase tonight at the Yukon Arts Centre, the first step to starting the “year of years” in Yukon snowboarding.

“We’re trying to connect with all the people who didn’t get to ride last year because of the closing of (Mt. Sima Ski Resort),” said organizer Mike Collins. “We’re working together with Snowboard Yukon to set up more events, more competitions — just more opportunities to get involved this year.

“In the past there’s only been one competition a year, not much for everyone to come together and participate. We’re trying to build up more of a community.”

Two movies will be shown, including a Mack Dawg film called Double Decade, which covers the first two decades of the sport of snowboarding.

“(They are films) that a lot of snowboarders are anxious to see,” said Collins. “We’re hoping (the films) will get everyone pumped up to ride.”

Last year’s movie showcase was a bit of a flop, but organizers are hoping for a better turnout this time around.

“We started it last December and it was kind of just a trial run, something to help as a fundraiser for Snowboard Yukon,” said Collins. “Unfortunately it didn’t take off so big. It was the first year for it and it didn’t have too much exposure.

“So this year we’re really trying to hit it hard and pump it up,” added Collins.

The snowboarding events that organizers have in mind have yet to be formally established on the calendar.

“Were starting the talks now, I mean, we have a month and a couple weeks until December hits,” said Collins, referring to the likely opening time for Mount Sima. “We’re throwing our ideas together and coming up with whatever we can.”

Also in the works are youth programs, for all the young slope enthusiasts.

With Mount Sima out of commission, Snowboarding Yukon held only one snowboarding event last year at Mount McIntyre. Called the Rail Jam, it featured riders ripping tricks on rail structures.

“It was a hit,” said Collins. “It was a snow version of the skate competition we do every year at the skate park.

“We’re hoping to do a larger version of that this year,” said Collins, adding that the location of this year’s Rail Jam has yet to be determined.

In addition to the films, Keith Thaxter, president of Great Northern Ski Society, will be speaking to the audience and addressing concerns about Mount Sima this season.

“I’m just going to do a little ramp up,” said Thaxter. “They’ve asked me to basically give a status on how the hill’s doing and where we’re at.”

In the coming days, Mount Sima’s board of directors will formally be announcing the hiring of an interim manager, Greg Meredith, who has stepped down from the board to assume the position. The facility has also filled two other vital positions with former board members, with Marc Boulerice taking up the duties of outdoor operations manager and Clint Sauder becoming the new head mechanic.

For more information contact Board Stiff at 667-4808 or stop by at 305 main St., Suite 120.