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Skaters impress at Gold Nugget Championships

Visiting judges gave out scores and positive comments at the Yukon Gold Nugget Championships over the weekend.

Visiting judges gave out scores and positive comments at the Yukon Gold Nugget Championships over the weekend.

The judges, who fly in each year for the territory’s figure skating championship, had compliments to deliver following tests on Friday and the competition on Saturday at the Canada Games Centre, said Arctic Edge Skating Club chair Stacey Hays.

“The judges commented that they were really impressed by the performance quality and expression and artistic demonstrations that our skaters had,” said Hays. “They said they noticed quite an improvement since last year on that and overall they thought the performances were quite strong.

“They were happy with the number of skaters and the number of events we had, because some skaters were competing in four or five events throughout the day.”

Indeed, it was a busy time. About 45 skaters from three clubs took part - almost twice as many as last year.

The hosting Arctic Edge Skating Club (AESC) had 23 skaters compete. There were 15 from N.W.T.‘s Inuvik Skating Club (ISC), which last competed at the Gold Nugget in 2012. The championship also included five skaters from Alaska Juneau Skating Club (JSC), making it the third year in a row the club attended.

Four skaters from Special Olympics Yukon, who are preparing for the 2015 Special Olympics BC Winter Games in February, also took to the ice.

“One thing that stood out was how many kids were competing,” said Hays. “For some of our younger skaters, last year was their first year, so they haven’t competed against that many kids at our local competition.

“Inuvik brought four skaters who were competing in the pre-juvenile category, which is the competitive stream, and we don’t have any skaters in that. We only have one competitive skater in our club who is skating locally. Of course we have Rachel (Pettitt), but she’s skating Outside, and we have Mikayla Kramer who skates here.”

Pettitt won a silver in novice women at the Skate Canada Challenge in Montreal last week, marking the best finish by a Yukon skater at the national event.

Pettitt and Kramer have been selected to represent Yukon at the Canada Winter Games this February in Prince George, B.C.

Kramer was evaluated by the judges in pre-novice Friday and received a personal best score of 64.13.

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Elements 1 women

1st Jamie Nickel (AESC) - 4.70

2nd Bronwyn Hays (AESC) - 4.10

3rd Lenneah Timmermans (AESC) - 2.10

3rd Emilie Perreault (AESC) - 2.10

5th Adrian Lau (AESC) - 0.90

5th Phoebe Qiu (AESC) - 0.90

Elements 2 women

1st Landyn Blisner (AESC) - 5.20

2nd Jenelle Clethero (AESC) - 5.10

3rd M. Kingmiaqtuq Devlin - (ISC) 4.60

4th Alissa Russell (AESC) - 4.30

5th Ally Engram (ISC) - 2.90

STAR4 girls

1st Jamie Nickel (AESC)

2nd Bronwyn Hays (AESC)

3rd Tessa Moore (AESC)

4th Josephine Zuelow (JSC)

5th Emily Bowman (JSC)

6th Kendall Allen (ISC)

STAR5 girls

1st Alissa Russell (AESC) - 16.82

2nd Jenelle Clethero (AESC) - 13.95

3rd Landyn Blisner (AESC) - 13.82

Level 1 Special Olympics

1st Aimee Lien

2nd Tijana McCarthy

3rd Theresa Roberts

Level 2 Special Olympics

1st Michael Sumner

Junior creative women (Gr. 1)

1st Sarah Milton (AESC) - 19.39

2nd Jocelyn Cole (ISC) - 16.17

3rd Jasmine Firth (ISC) - 14.92

4th Katie McKenna (JSC) - 14.68

5th Kristen Harder (ISC) - 12.84

6th Gabe McCooeye (ISC) - 12.68

7th Sadie Murphy (JSC) - 12.26

Junior creative women (Gr. 2)

1st Emma Riske (AESC) - 17.42

2nd Mikayla McCain (AESC) - 14.32

3rd Annie Li (AESC) - 14.25

4th Adrian Lau (AESC) - 13.68

5th Queenie Lu (AESC) - 13.10

6th Kaylin Harder (ISC) - 12.85

7th Hannah Gordon Rogers (ISC) - 5.91

Junior creative women (Gr. 3)

1st Chloe VanLankveld (AESC) - 19.43

2nd Anika Kramer (AESC) - 18.41

3rd Halayna Cockney Goose (ISC) - 17.91

4th Pearl Gillis (ISC) - 14.94

5th Myja Semmler (ISC) - 13.92

6th Shelby Hydock (JSC) - 12.99

7th Phoebe Qiu (AESC) - 9.37

8th Lotus Scott (ISC) - 6.50

Senior A creative women

1st Josephine Zuelow (JSC) - 26.99

2nd Jamie Nickel (AESC) - 23.74

3rd Emily Bowman (JSC) - 21.42

4th Bronwyn Hays (AESC) - 20.85

5th Tessa Moore (AESC) - 20.31

6th Kendall Allen (ISC) - 17.33

7th Lenneah Timmermans (AESC) - 16.61

Senior B creative women

1st Alissa Russell (AESC) - 28.05

2nd Ally Engram (ISC) - 26.42

3rd Katelynn Crocker (ISC) - 24.75

4th Kiersten Rogers (ISC) - 23.15

5th M. Kingmiaqtuq Devlin - (ISC) 19.34

Pre-intro women

1st Kendall Allen (ISC) - 20.76

2nd Sarah Milton (AESC) - 18.88

Intro women

1st Landyn Blisner (AESC) - 27.41

2nd Jamie Nickel (AESC) - 25.51

3rd Alissa Russell (AESC) - 25.28

4th Tessa Moore (AESC) - 25.20

5th Bronwyn Hays (AESC) - 24.90

Bronze women (Int.)

1st Jenelle Clethero (AESC) - 28.76

2nd Ally Engram (ISC) - 26.07

3rd Katelynn Crocker (ISC) - 25.65

4th Kiersten Rogers (ISC) - 24.06

Pre-juvenile women

1st M. Kingmiaqtuq Devlin (ISC) - 15.09

2nd Kiersten Rogers (ISC) - 14.10

3rd Katelynn Crocker (ISC) - 14.01

4th Ally Engram (ISC) - 13.34