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Sessford saves his best race for last

Yukon mountain bike racer Daniel Sessford and teammate David Greer travelled to Mount Washington near Courtenay, BC, this weekend for the final…

Yukon mountain bike racer Daniel Sessford and teammate David Greer travelled to Mount Washington near Courtenay, BC, this weekend for the final Canada Cup race of the season.

Sessford was confident that this was his best race of the season: “I was able to ride hard the whole time at a pretty constant pace and was very relaxed,” he said via e-mail. He finished in 11th position.

“Not only was it the best race for the way I felt, but also for positioning. The course was really fun to ride, with a super steep climb,” he said.

“One competitor afterwards said it was probably right at the limit of steepness for being able to ride.”

The previous weekend, Sessford and Greer were in Whistler for the fourth Canada Cup race of the year. Sessford described the conditions in Whistler as “super hot” with the temperature reaching 38.5 degrees.

“The first lap went well and then I was finding it hard in the heat for the second lap,” he said. “I was able to pick it up again for the last three laps.”

Sessford finished 26th, which put him in 17th place in the overall standings.

With his strong finish this weekend, his standing can only improve. Sessford is now waiting to hear his overall final results in the Canada Cup.

“I will definitely be in the top 20, which is what I wanted at the beginning of the season.”

He plans to take August off to recover, before starting up again in September.

“I have one more event on the calendar for this year and that’s King of the Canyon, held in Whitehorse during the middle of September. A fun event with tons of singletrack to ride on!”

Men’s commercial golf

Northerm and Skookum Asphalt were the big winners on Thursday, getting a full eight points. The top four league leaders only managed four points using the stroke-play format during Thursday’s Men’s Commercial Golf at Mountainview Golf Club.

There are still 12 teams in position to reach the playoffs in the league.

Next week’s format will be team match.

Standings (July 27, season total):

1st Yukon Tire Mechanical,

4, 65

2nd Feature Foods, 4, 59

3rd Missing Links, 4, 58

4th Northerm, 8, 57

5th Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

4, 56

6th Kal Tire,

6, 54

7th Low Net,

6, 54

8th P&M Recycling, 2, 53

9th Matco Transportation,

4, 53

10th Mackay & Partners, 5, 52

11th Irving Collision, 5, 51

12th Emco Foreskins, 3, 50

13th The Chain Gang, 3, 49

14th Macdonald & Co., 4, 47

15th Triple “J” Services, 4, 42

16th NuWay Crushing, 2, 41

17th Talmark/Sit Easy, 6, 39

18th Norline Coaches, 3, 39

19th Airline Inn, 3, 38

20th Olson Construction,

6, 37

21st Shoppers Drug, 0, 37

22nd Totaltrac Yukon, 5, 36

23rd Casa Loma Motel, 5, 30

24th Whitehorse Business

Machines, 2, 29

25th Northwestel, 2, 27

26th Skookum Asphalt, 8, 18

27th RoadHouse

Offsales Relics, 0, 16


co-ed slo-pitch

Standings as of July 30, (win-loss-tie, points):

Division One

1st CYFN Chiefs, 6-2-0, 12

2nd Whitehorse, 5-2-1, 11

3rd Sam & Andy’s, 3-4-0, 6

4th AFD Trappers, 3-5-0, 6

5th Kal Tire, 3-5-0, 6

6th King Construction,

3-4-0, 5

7th Len’s Painting, 3-4-0, 4

Division Two

1st Chilkoot Brewers,

6-1-1, 11

2nd Whitco, 4-3-0, 8

3rd Territorial Auto Parts,

3-2-2, 8

4th Roadhouse, 3-2-3, 7

5th Sportslodge, 3-5-0, 6

6th Roche Firth Financial,

2-5-1, 5

7th Co-Operaiders, 2-5-1, 5

Division Three

1st Coke, 6-0-2, 14

2nd Faro Flaming

Marshmallows, 6-1-0, 12

3rd Geronimo’s Elks, 5-3-0, 10

4th Senior Games Team,

5-0-2, 8

5th Discovery Bar Brew Jays,

3-4-1, 7

6th 202/Wild, 3-3-1, 6

7th Catalyst

Communications, 3-3-1, 5

8th Yukon Inn, 3-3-1, 5

9th AFAB Roofing, 2-5-1, 5

10th Emco Eliminators,

2-5-1, 5

11th The Zoo Tanning & Apparel, 1-5-1, 3

12th Cash Plan, 1-5-1, 3

13th Air Cargo Express,

1-4-2, 2