Roche Firth squashes Assante for title

Squash Tuesday Night League Roche Firth Financial 16 Assante 13 Chris Zeigler led Roche Firth in his straight-sets win over Assante’s Elmy…


Tuesday Night League

Roche Firth Financial 16

Assante 13

Chris Zeigler led Roche Firth in his straight-sets win over Assante’s Elmy Harris, in this very close championship match on Tuesday at Better Bodies.

Zeigler’s win and the fact that two Assante players didn’t wear their team shirts gave Roche Firth a three point lead, enough to claim the championship for the season.

Roche’s other winner was Eric Marcoux, who beat Terri Cairns in four sets.

Assante put up a strong fight, with Chris Toleman beating JF Roldan in four sets, and Troy Cairns taking out Kyle Marchuk in four as well.

MEADIAsolutions 16

Yukon Brewing 16

The battle for third place between MEADIAsolutions and Yukon Brewing came down to total points for and against, after Tuesday’s match ended with a tie, with two wins apiece.

MEADIAsolutions came out on top with 122 points, while Yukon Brewing’s 110-point total put them in fourth place

MEADIAsolutions winners were Lars Johansson, who beat Kenji Tatsumi in four sets, and Gord Starko, who bested Lori Muir in four as well.

Yukon Brewing’s Blaine Tessier went the distance to beat Mark Tubman in five, and John Kremer needed four to put Trevor Mead-Robins on ice.


Yukon Orienteering Association got off to an earlier then usual start with the first meet held on Wednesday.

Seventy people came out and found the forest covered in patchy snow and the trails fairly muddy. Those with rubber boots were the only ones with dry feet at the end.

Meet director Pam James set four courses, which were much enjoyed despite the messy conditions.

The two-kilometre novice course of was very popular with an assortment of newcomers and family groups participating.

Many were trying orienteering for the first time, including two German exchange students.

The intermediate course took participants off the trails over three-kilometres. Sixteen individuals took on this challenge. Seven tried the Short Advance course.

Only four runners took on the most difficult 5.2-kilometre long advanced course, with youth challenging experience for the fastest time.

At the time of writing results were not yet available. Check the website for details of the meet.

Orienteering Week in Canada runs May 3 to 10. YOA has three events happening in this national celebration.

Saturday, May 3rd is the Learn to O clinic, on the Long Lake and Waterfront maps. Pre-registration is necessary by calling Barbara at 668-2306.

On Wednesday, May 7, the regular weekly meet starts at the ski trails parking lot at 6:30 p.m. on the Chadburn Lake Road.

On Thursday, May 8th, the Yukon Orienteering Association will host a special midday orienteering meet for seniors and others from noon to 2:30, meet at the gazebo in Rotary Park.