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Riders close out season with enduro cross race

The Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association changed things up on Sunday. It was still a dirt-flying good time with lots of cubic centimetres put to work, but this time it was the Mosquito Enduro-X.

The Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association changed things up on Sunday.

It was still a dirt-flying good time with lots of cubic centimetres put to work, but this time it was the Mosquito Enduro-X.

For the first time in its four-year history, the YCCMA hosted an enduro-cross event instead of a hare scramble, at the Schirmer Family Ranch in Mount Lorne.

While hare scramble races feature long cross-country courses through the woods in which racers attempt to complete the most laps in one or two hours, the enduro-cross event gave riders one kilometre of single-track and open trail with a challenging obstacle course. They also did three 15-minute mini heat races in which riders are given points based on in which position they finish and the one with the most points at the end of the day wins.

“I loved it. It was mayhem,” said Travis Adams.

Adams took first in two of the three mini races and placed second in the third to win the expert “A” division on Sunday. Dale Panchyshyn took second and Justin Kolla third.

“I’d like to say I hung back a little in the third one, I just got tired,” said Adams, who placed third in last month’s hare scramble. “I had a lock on it, but I was trying.”

“I just started dirt bike racing three years ago. It’s a wonderful club. I’ve never seen this many bikes in one place in the Yukon before.”

The new format was a hit with Emma Murphy. After placing third in novice the last two events, she took the top spot on Sunday.

“It was so fun!” said Murphy. “Before it was a really long trail ride and would take you 20 minutes to do that one trail as many times as you can in two hours and it’s a lot of work.

“This time you have a break between each time you race … There were more corners and bumps, and really fun uphills.”

“Now that I’m a family person, and looking for healthy fun things to do, we’re totally sold on coming out here to every race,” she added.

Saul Gale made it two in a row on Sunday. After winning the junior under-15 hare scramble last month, he was again at the top of the field in Sunday’s enduro-cross.

The 12-year-old was first in all three mini enduro races.

“I was really looking forward to this race,” said Gale. “I love the track, it was really good.

“I like the mini races better. You get a break in between.”

Sunday’s enduro-cross event was the third and final YCCMA event of the summer. It was also the fifth straight over two summers hosted by the Schirmer family at the 160-acre ranch. The YCCMA has had to host events on private land since the City of Whitehorse enacted a law that bans those under 16 from riding motorized vehicles.

“They came to the rescue of the association because of the bylaw in Whitehorse basically banning all kids under 16 from motor sports,” said association president Mike Beaman. “This, of course, is private property and we’ve been able to continue on with the sport with all the kids, and there are a lot of kids out here racing.

“It’s been really good that the whole family has gotten into the sport and supported us through this transition period and I’m sure we’ll continue to race here for some years. They’ve been really excellent.”

The enduro-cross format wasn’t the only new addition on Sunday. Organizers also held a “fun” foot race – in full protective riding gear – down the obstacle course. Broden Cull was the top junior and Tim Schirmer the top adult.

“I’m just really happy there’s now an association that’s making events happen,” said Murphy. “Before I wanted to ride more, do races and get better, but there wasn’t the facility for it. With the

Schirmers letting us use their land and having these guys organize it and making us a club, is so great. I can just see myself and my family here for years.”

“There’s a big focus on the kids, which gets me out here because my kids are racing too,” said Adams.


Mini class

1st Seth Adams (KTM)

2nd Brent McNeil (Honda)

3rd Cody Adams (Yamaha)

Junior under-15

1st Saul Gale (Yamaha)

2nd Sawyer Adams (Yamaha)

3rd Austin Larkin (Kawasaki)


1st Emma Murphy (Honda)

2nd Susie Rogan (Yamaha)

Junior over-15

1st Cole Beaman (Yamaha)

2nd Broden Cull (Yamaha)

Intermediate “B”

1st Julien Revel (KTM)

2nd Gary Rusnak (Yamaha)

3rd Brody Ryckman (Husqvarna)

Intermediate “A”

1st Neil Ryckman (Yamaha)

2nd Steve Collon (n/a)

3rd Ben Moffat (KTM)

Expert “A”

1st Travis Adams (Yamaha)

2nd Dale Panchyshyn (KTM)

3rd Justin Kolla (Honda)

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