Property Guys, lawyer crew reach stalemate

Depending on the draw, this weekend's Toonie Tournament might finally determine who has the stronger soccer team.

Depending on the draw, this weekend’s Toonie Tournament might finally determine who has the stronger soccer team.

After ending in a 3-3 tie on November 2, PropertyGuys and Austring, Fendrik and Fairman reached another 2-2 draw in U-11 soccer play at the Canada Games Centre on Wednesday.

The PropertyGuys squad dominated play at the start of the first, producing a bevy of shots on the Austring net, soon going up 1-0 on a goal by Matthew Butler in minute 11.

However, as if the goal was a wake-up call, Austring’s John Dagostin scored with five minutes left before half and took the lead midway through the second on a goal from Elias Sagar on a long shot that caught the far, bottom corner of the net.

“I didn’t change the lineup at all – I think they need to warm up and then they get into it,” said Austring coach Raymond Dagostin. “I let them break a sweat before a game because it helps them get into it. They’re sort of sleepwalking in the first half.”

With the clock winding down, PropertyGuys’ Andrew Lefebvre evened the score with a shot that went off the side of the net, ricocheting off the goalkeeper and in.

“Our offence wasn’t getting back in time to help,” said PropertyGuys coach Pat Shaw. “Once we took care of that we got another goal.”

“One of the problems we’re having is that tonight we had all our players and the last game we had five of our players,” said PropertyGuys coach Mike Pierce. “So it makes it a little more strenuous getting the lines organized.”

Staying on top of the Austring offence, PropertyGuys’ James Russell was named his team’s MVP.

“He was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing,” said Shaw. “He was standing in front, sticking with the offence all the time, never giving up. It was a good, solid game for him.”

Snagging MVP honours in the Austring lineup was John Dagostin.

“He played awesome in goal, then I put him back out as forward and he stopped a sure goal,” said his coach. “He played really well and worked his heart out.”

Wednesday U-13

Woodhouse Business Consulting 14, Tim Hortons 7

Woodhouse scorers: Dylan Reed 5,  Kieran Morehouse 3, Spencer Panter 3, Brayden Klassen 2, Natasha Spencer 1, MVP Adrian Woodhouse

Hortons scores: Jenelle Cousins 2, Nicola Lazeo-Fairman 1, Liam Evans 1, Alex Hansen 1, Allen Mark 2, MVP Jasmine Potvin

Jacobs’ Industries 8, The Deli 5

Jacobs scorers: Stephanie Avery 1, Justin Jamieson 1, Evan Hoogland 1, Etienne Geoffrey-Gagnon 5, MVP Danica Avery

Deli scorers: Brayden Lefler 1, Chris Torgerson 2, Alex Hanson 2, MVP Michelle Charlie

Eagle Construction 7, Lake Laberge Lions 5

Eagle scorers: Trigg Jenson 3, Amy Kemshead 1, Anna Janowicz 1, Jessie Berkowitz 2, MVP Timber Shroff

Lions scorers: Hannah Milner 2, Kieran Halliday 1, Alejandro Peters 1, Morgan Paul 1, MVP Jared Huber

Tuesday U-15

Energy North 14, Whitehorse Star 4

Energy scorers: Mac Potter 7, Kurtis Hills 4, Tristen Olynyk 2, Adam Torgerson 1, MVP Raymond Emslie

Star scorers: Travis Pumphrey 1, Travis Banks 1, Deanna Klubie 1, Owen

Hedstrom-Langford 1,

MVP n/a

Locksmith Services 7, Wintemute Electric 5

Locksmith scorers: Caleb Steele-Lane 2,Belgie Nunez 2, Kieran Small 1, Josh Hansen 1, Emily Dorosz 1, MVP Belgie Nunez

Wintemute scorers: Justice Paul 1, Zach Smart 1, Casey Parker 3, MVP Zach Smart

Tuesday U-7

Soccer Shoppe 3, Northerm 3

Shoppe scorers: Kaelen Lewis 1, Andrew Roberts 1, Sydney Furlong 1, MVP Austin Au

Northerm scorers: n/a

Monday U-13

Lake Laberge Lions 7, Sportslife 5

Lions scorers: Alejandro Peters 2, Landon Worsfold 2, Sebastien Lapres 1, Anja Aird 1, Hannah Milner 1, MVP Anja Aard

Sportslife scorers: Brendon Genron 3, Austin Bourque 1, Jaylene Kelly 1, MVP Kieran Halliday.

Woodhouse Business Consulting 5, Henry Gulch Exploration 2

Woodhouse scorers: Brayden Klassen 2, Ross McBee 1, Michaela Lowes 1, Dylan Reed 1, MVP Chloe Turner-Davis

Gulch scorers: Jono Runions 2, MVP Kanoa Jones

Monday U-11

PhysioPlus 2, Murraya Dental 1

Physio scorers: Tyler Milton 1, Ryan MacDonald 1, MVP Tyler Milton

Murraya scorer: Mikaela Ponsioen 1, MVP Alisha Khalik

Fountain Tire 4, Austring, Fendrik and Fairman 2

Fountain scorers: Antoine Dion-Lafortune 1, Karyin Qiv 1, Mia Steward 1, Gabriel Nadon 1, MPV Mia Steward

Austring scorers: Ackshay Malhotra 1, Chloe-Celine Milenk 1, MVP Chloe-Celine Milenk

Impact Well Drilling 6, PropertyGuys 1. 

Impact scorers: Graydon McDonnell 2, Logan Harris 2, Malcolm Muir 1, Justin Wishart-MacDougall 1, MVP Malcolm Muir

PropertyGuys scorers: Quinn Pierce 1, MVP Jonathon Bergsma

Electrical Shop 7, Dirk Built Contracting 3

Electrical scorers: Matthew Ng 2, Sean Clarke 2, Esteban Engasser 2, Bryn Peterson1, MVP Esteban Engasser

Dirk scorers: Tristan Rentmeister 3, MVP Jacob Wyers

Whitehorse Motors 7, Qualita 0

Motors scorers: Keegan Hopkins 1, Reed Philpott 2, Skylar Bryant 1, Fabrizio Rayo-Vasquez 3, MVP Flynn Krabel

Qualita MVP: Malorie Hanson