Property Guys get first win of season

After the ref blew the final whistle there was little doubt as to what the game meant to the Property Guys team.

After the ref blew the final whistle there was little doubt as to what the game meant to the Property Guys team.

“We won our first game!” could be heard from the elated Property Guys players as they gathered midfield to celebrate their 4-2 win over Austring, Fendrick, Fairman & Parkkari in Wednesday’s U-11 soccer at Christ the King Elementary.

“Absolutely,” said Property Guys coach Robin Johnson, when asked if that was the best he has seen his team play.

“We decided to do a little changing around, we said to watch a couple of their players—tag some key players—and we ended up driving the ball far into the offensive (zone).”

Up 2-1 at the start of the second half, Property Guys’ Mathew Butler scored the game-winner on a short shot from in front on his team’s first offensive rush of the half, just seconds in.

“We’re still kind of working on our team-dynamics,” said Johnson. “But they shown remarkable improvement in the last one—they’re working more as a team.”

Property Guys took a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of play with goals by Mackenzie Shaw and Simon Cash. Although Shaw also scored his team’s final goal, Cash received the MVP nod from his coach.

“I saw him get some of the high balls—he really had to stretch to get them

—and he stopped them,” said Johnson of his defenceman. “Just by doing that you can really turn the game around, covering the ball little bit quicker.”

The win gives the Property Guys a 1-1-2 record, having tied Surgical Incisions 3-3 on May 18. With also just one win under their belts, Austring, Fendrick, Fairman & Parkkari now sit at 1-0-3.

“All of our games have been fairly close and all the losses have been by one or two goals,” said Austring coach Shayne Fairman. “The kids are coming together; they’re coming together as a team and I’m seeing some real improvement. I like the way my players included everyone on the field; they’re trying to make everyone feel included and making some great passes to players when they’re open.”

Austring’s goal scorers were Ryan MacDonald and Megan Banks, with her first of the season.

“She was proud of herself and she should be,” said Fairman.

For his efforts on defence, Izaak Lazeo-Fairman was named the Austring’s MVP.

“Izaak came out tonight and played hard, ran hard and he played strong defence,” said Fairman. “It’s not a position he normally prefers. He may not like this but he probably will end up there again—he demonstrated himself to be a really strong defender.”


Wednesday U-18

Energy North 9,

Aspen Advocacy 8

Energy scorers: Jeremy Mann 1, Theron Richards 1, Mac Potter 2, Robbie Bourd 1, Silka Hinners 1, Eric Uhlin 1, Lindsay Webster 1, Dillon Vickerman 1, MVP Robbie Bourd

Aspen scorers: Adrian Hawkins 1, Ben Kinvig 1, Trevor Hannah 1, Katie Lowey 1, Joaquin McWatters 1, Kyle Bowers 1, Lindsay Meikle 1, Nick Daniels 1, MVP Ben Kinvig

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Wintemute Electric 3,

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Home Sweet Home Baking 2

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Home scorers: Jordan Runions 1, Samuelle Lemoine 1, MVP Mathew Bliendheim

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Underhill scorers: Xander Erdman 1, Alizee Salesse 1, Brandon Barrett 2, MVP n/a

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Physio Plus 0

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Impact scorers: Jesse Berezan 1, Madelaine Canning 1, Kieran

Stacey 2, MVP Tristan Sparks

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