Prime Meridian explores win over Henry Gulch

Struggling this season with a 2-5 record, Henry Gulch Exploration was just happy to keep their net clear of goals for as long as they did, said coach Peter Grundmanis.

Struggling this season with a 2-5 record, Henry Gulch Exploration was just happy to keep their net clear of goals for as long as they did, said coach Peter Grundmanis.

“They didn’t score until near the end of the first half and we were lucky to do that,” said Grundmanis. “We wanted to hold them off because they have a strong team and we’ve been struggling this season. So the longer it goes scoreless, the better it is for us.”

The Gulch team kept Prime Meridian Physiotherapy (5-1) scoreless for all of the first half, up to the final 10 seconds, as they finally succumbed to a 4-2 loss in U-13 indoor soccer Wednesday at the Canada Games Centre.

“I thought it was a well played game, they have a good team,” said Meridian coach Drew Wintemute. “Both teams were a little shorthanded, but generally it was a well-played game – balanced.”

Opening the scoring at the end of the first was Samuel Lee, pouncing on an open ball kept in the Gulch zone by Hailey Patterson. Lee then scored two minutes into the second to put his team up 2-0.

“He’s a workhorse, a great player and really aggressive,” said Wintemute of Lee. “He’s a real ball hound.”

Trenton Pumphrey, who scored the remaining two goals for Meridian, got alone in front to make it 3-0. In fact, all three opening goals were scored by an unguarded player in front of the Gulch net.

“We’re passing well and looking for that open man,” said Wintemute. “It works well.”

For his efforts, Pumphrey was named his team’s MVP.

“He was our first-half goalie too, and he played well,” said Wintemute. “And in the second half he went out and scored two goals – I can’t ask for any more than that.”

Scoring for Gulch were Noah Jones and Jono Runions. Getting the MVP was Benjamin Grundmanis.

“I’ve asked him to play in the middle and distribute the ball to the strikers, and he’s fairly fast and reads the ball well, and that’s what he was doing,” said his coach.

Other results

Wednesday U-13

Murraya Denta 4, Whitehorse Motors 1

Murraya scorers: Mikaela Ponsioen 2, Luke Bakica 2,

MVP Brahm Hyde

Motors scorer: Samuel Alantasa, MVP Keegan Hopkins

PhysioPlus 5, Austring, Fendrick and Fairman 4

Physio scorers: Tyler Milton 2, Aimee Parker 2, Isak Parker 1, MVP Teaghan Wilson

Austring scorers: John Dagostin 2, Akshay Maholtra 1, Elias Sagar 1, MVP Abbey Hawes

The Electrical Shop 3,

Qualita 0

Electrical scorers: Matthew Ng 1, Sean Clarke 1, Bryn Peterson 1, MVP Bryn Peterson,

Qualita MVP: Alex Coyne

Dirk Built Contracting 9,

PropertyGuys 7

Dirk Built scorers:Simon Cash 4, Tyler Macdougall 3, Tristan Rentmeister 2, MVP Tristan Rentmeister

Property scorers: Quinn Pierce 3, Mackenzie Shaw 2, Andrew Lefebvre 1, and Mathew Butler 1, MVP Jonathan Bergsma

Impact Well Drilling 6,

Fountain Tire 1

Impact scorers: Logan Harris 3, Graydon McDonnell 1, Malcolm Muir 1, Justin Wishart-MacDougall 1, MVP Justin Wishart-MacDougall

Fountain scorers: Gabrielle Nadon 1, MVP Gabrielle Nadon

Tuesday U-15

Wintemute Electric 11, Locksmith Services 3

Wintemute scorers: Emily Wilson 1, Laurelie Menelon 1, Edouard Bourcier 1, Felix Bouchard 2, Jesse Bebuliak 1, Julian Moore 2, Mike Wintemute 2, Zach Smart 1, MVP Jesse Cebuliak

Locksmith scorers: Michael Almirault 1, Kieran Small 1, Travis Bank 1, MVP Michael Almirault

Tuesday U-7

The Soccer Shoppe 4,

Boston Pizza 1

Shoppe scorers: Andrew Roberts 2, Kierra Smeeton 1, Colin Brewster 1, MVP Andrew Brewster

Boston scorer: Carter Claggett, MVP n/a

Whitehorse Elks 4,

Medicine Chest 1

Elks scorers: Barrett Furchner 2, Ben Puskas 1, Andrew Terry 1, MVP Andrew Terry Medicine Chest scorers: n/a

Monday U-13

The Deli 2, Sportslife 1

Deli scorers: Sara Besik 1, Tristen Sparks 1, MVP Chris Torgerson

Sportslife scorers: Jaylene Kelly 1, MVP Camille Lopez Lake Laberge Lions 10, Henry Gulch Exploration 2

Laberge scorers: Landon Worsfold 4, Hannah Milner 3, Morgan Paul 1, Alejandro Peters 1, Riston Annau 1, MVP Garrett Enoch

Gulch scorers: Dakoda Thompson 1, Jono Runions 1, MVP Devon Sheridon

Prime Meridian Physiotherapy 7,

Woodhouse Business Consulting 2

Meridian scorers: Brendan Irish 2, Sam Wintemute 1, Trenton Pumphrey 1, Peter Jacob 1, Samuel Lee 2, MVP Samuel Lee

Woodhouse scorer: DylanReed 2, MVP Natasha Spencer

Monday U-11

PhysioPlus 3, Fountain Tire 2

Physio scorers: Tyler Milton 2, Josh Smith 1, MVP Isak Parker

Fountain scorers: Antoine Dion-Lafortune 1, and Argus Huggard 1, MVP Argus Huggard

Impact Well Drilling 6,

Whitehorse Motors 3

Impact scorers were: Logan Harris 3, Graydon McDonnell 1, Avery Bramadat 1, Rhoxinae Grant-Bonita 1, MVP Alexander Erdman.

Motors scorers: Samuel Garcia 1, Skylar Bryant 1, Fabrizio Rayo-Vasquez 1, MVP Fabrizio Rayo-Vasquez

PropertyGuys 3,

Qualita 1

Property scorers: QuinnPierce 1, Mackenzie Shaw 1, Andrew Lefebvre 1, MVP Mathew Butler

Qualita scorers: Malorey Hanson 1, MVP Malorey Hanson

Murraya Dental 6,

Dirk Built Contracting 4

Murraya scorers: Mikaela Ponsioen 2, Emily Ross 2, Luke Bakica 1, Elisha Leanders 1, MVP James Limoges

Dirk Built scorers: Tristan Rentmeister 3, Simon Cash 1, MVP Tristan Rentmeister

The Electrical Shop 7,

Austring, Fendrick and Fairman 2

Electrical scorers: Matthew Ng 2, Sean Clark 2, Emelian Boudreau 2, Bryn Peterson 1, MVP Emelian Boudreau

Austring scorers: Izaak Lazeo-Fairman 1, Elias Sagar 1, MVP Jeremy Philips

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