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Outdoor ice continues to challenge Henry

Outdoor conditions have become a thorn in the side of Whitehorse speedskater Troy Henry.

Outdoor conditions have become a thorn in the side of Whitehorse speedskater Troy Henry.

For the second time this season the 25-year-old failed to get his usual results outdoors while competing at the Canada Cup 3 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan over the weekend.

“I tend to not do well at outdoor races,” said Henry. “I’m trying to figure out what the issue is that’s causing me problems. It’s been difficult, but I’m hoping that I’ll eventually find a solution with outdoor racing.

“Currently, for the five-kilometre, it seems like I’ll make it six laps into the 12-and-a-half race and then I have nothing left.

“I’m trying to figure out what’s causing issues for me. Hopefully I’ll find out what the issue is and I’ll solve it.”

Henry skated to 12th in the 5,000-metre at 8:22.59 on Saturday, far off his personal best of 6:42.06 set indoors.

He also came 23rd in the 500-metre at 40.85 on Friday.

Henry also struggled to break into the top-25 at Canada Cup 1 outdoors in Quebec City in early December.

At the Canada Cup 2 indoors at the Calgary Oval, Henry skated to 10th in the 1,500-metre in a field of 63 skaters.

While wind can definitely be a factor in outdoor skating, a lot of it can do with the ice. The ice can be too soft or too hard, and dust and other particles trapped in the ice can cause friction.

“That does have a bit to do with it, for sure,” said Henry.

Sunday’s 500-metre and 1,000-metre races were cancelled due to minus-20 temperatures and 50-70-kilometre winds.

Henry competed in his first Team Canada’s Olympic trials at the Calgary Oval over the holidays.

He sped to fifth place in the 10,000-metre with a season best time of 14:07.57 and also placed 11th in the 5,000-metre with a time of 6:46.24.

Henry was not named to the team last week.

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