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Orienteers turn out for championship sprint distance

More than 50 compete in three categories
An orienteer reaches a control during the Yukon Orienteering Association’s mid-distance championship which began at the ATCO pump house on July 28, 2021. (John Tonin/Yukon News file)

The Yukon Orienteering Association used the the Takhini North map for this year’s championship sprint distance on June 15.

This urban map offers a fun combination of roads, narrow trails and playgrounds. Many areas are out of bounds due to private properties which makes route choice a fun challenge. Due to the record snowfall this winter and rain in the days prior to the event, orienteers on the advanced and expert courses had the added navigational challenge of a lake near the sport field.

A total of 54 individuals came out for the sunny evening. The goal for a sprint distance is for the winning time to be around 15 minutes and many of the orienteers accomplished this.

The juniors did well on the novice course with brothers Erik (13:52) and Carl (16:52) Embacher placing first and second. Oliver Kralish-Seguin (16:53) only needed an extra second for third place. The intermediate course was won by junior Declan Wise (14:00). Peter Embacher (16:45, junior) came in second, and new orienteers Evan, Riley and Shelley Cyre placed third with a time of 24:10.

Julianna Scramstad won the advanced course in a time of 15:31. Junior Finn Pearson (17:06) placed second and Virginia Sarrazin (18:57) came in third place. The expert course was won by Benoit Turcotte (15:25) and this summer’s coach Beatriz Sanguino (15:36) didn’t need much more time for second place. Jeremy Johnson (17:03) placed third. Special shout-out to the only junior on this course - Carl Turcotte completed the course in 25:54.

Huge thanks to Forest Pearson for providing mentorship. Also thanks to Craig Brooks, Sabine Schweiger, Beatriz Sanguino, and Sara Nielsen who assisted with registration and picking up controls.

Full results:

Novice - 1.3km & 10 controls

Erik Embacher 13:52

Carl Embacher 16:52

Oliver Kralisch-Seguin 16:53

Sawyer Petersen 17:23

Noah Thompson 19:45

Lise Klein, Jasper Klein & Maud Henaff 25:45

Linden Cronmiller, Derek Cronmiller & Justine Scheck 32:23

Sheila Merkley 34:13

Elvira Knaack & Maura Glenn 1:03:38

Intermediate - 1.4km & 11 controls

Declan Wise 14:00

Peter Embacher 16:45

Shelley, Riley & Evan Cyre 24:10

Richard Vanderkley & Rowena Beckett 27:01

Mac Clohan 34:53

Karen Archbell 39:56

Ev Pasichnyk 39:56

Gwen Hogan 40:07

Advanced - 1.8km & 13 controls

Julianna Scramstad 15:31

Finn Pearson 17:06

Virginia Sarrazin 18:57

Martin Slama & Desiree Coad-Broeren 19:38

Lara Melnik 19:56

Sheri Hogeboom 21:34

Rachel Moser & Evan Wise 21:44

Ian Turcotte 22:23

Deb Kiemele 24:48

Craig Brooks 32:00

Darryl Kenney 34:19

Kristina Gardner 34:20

Nesta Leduc 37:23

Expert - 2.4km & 17 controls

Benoit Turcotte 15:25

Beatriz Sanguino 15:36

Jeremy Johnson 17:03

Darren Holcombe 19:27

Barbara Scheck 21:12

Afan Jones 21:51

Rima Khouri 24:00

Sabine Schweiger 23:37

Carl Turcotte 25:54

Bob Sagar 30:57

Doug Hitch & Marianne Ang 1:10:10

Erik Blake MP

Forest Pearson (not competing due to mentorship) 14:57

— Report provided by the Yukon Orienteering Association

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