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Orienteerers loop long lake

Whitehorse's Long Lake seemed a little extra long for those unable to find control stations this week - especially in the advanced division where half the field failed to complete the course.

Whitehorse’s Long Lake seemed a little extra long for those unable to find control stations this week - especially in the advanced division where half the field failed to complete the course.

The lake now has almost five dozen sets of footprints surrounding it as 58 participants came out for the Yukon Orienteering Association’s B Meet, its second of the season, starting at the Long Lake Day Use Area on Wednesday. Each of the four divisions took competitors around Long Lake’s perimeter, not far from areas to be used next July as the Yukon hosts the Western and National Championships.

“The south part of this map is embargoed because we’re using it for the Western Canadians next summer,” said meet organizer Barbara Scheck. “So some of our maps are out of bounds this year. We’ve done some revisions and we don’t want people to use them before big meets to try and make it fair to everyone. In Europe some places are embargoed for years.”

The Yukon Orienteering Association is hoping for another successful season, with athletes being sent to westerns, nationals and even the Junior World Championship this summer. In addition to holding biweekly meets, the association is building towards the future with a pair of junior programs.

For young juniors just starting out, there are extra training seasons on Wednesdays between meets, and for the more advanced orienteerers that will be attending national and international events, there’s a Yukon Orienteering Team that trains three times a week. Included on the team are Colin Abbott and Lee Hawkings, who will be attending their third Junior World Championships this summer on the Canadian team.

More information can be found at the association’s website at


May 30 - W.A.R. (Robert Service Campground)

June 2 - Yukon Championships (sprint distance) (Mt. McIntyre)

June 9 - Yukon Championships (middle distance) (TBA)

June 11-13 - Yukon Adventure Challenge (Whitehorse)

June 16 - Yukon Championships (long distance) (Mt. McIntyre)

July 2-14 - North American Championships/Western Championships (Cranbrook/Whistler, BC)

July 7 - B Meet (Miles Canyon Road)

July 21 - B Meet (Yukon College)

August 4 - B Meet (Canyon City parking lot)

August 18 - B Meet (Golden Horn)

August 20-22 - Canadian Championships (Ottawa0

September 1 - B Meet (TBA)

September 15 - B Meet (Grey Mountain)

Wednesday’s results

Novice (2.5 km)

1st Leif Blake - 18:30

2nd Amanda/Dan Thomson - 19:03

3rd Daryn Lovell - 20:17

4th Luka/Ed vanRanden - 22:49

5th Linda MacKeigan - 26:09

6th Lara Melnik/Rachel Proud/Cam McDougall - 26:40

7th Bruce Wilson/Katlyn Horte - 26:52

8th Liam Mather/Mael Pronovost - 27:23

9th Anne Savoie/Charl van Randen/Sofia Bond - 28:12

10th Emma/Christine Boyd -28:44

11th Jake Wawia - 32:36

12th Darcy/Bernard/Ka Larochelle - 33:58

13th Savannah/Chris Cash - 34:35

14th Madeline Boyd - 42:02

15th David/Ross/Mary Sennett - 45:14

16th Maura/Dyllis Glenn -45:18

17th Dominic Bradford/Tiffany Fraser - 46:33

18th Georgi/Finn Pearson -58:20

19th Laura/Laina/Mari Prentice - 59:17

Catherine Kennedy mp

Clara Reid/Caitlin Mitchell/

Ca McIntosh mp

Intermediate (3.2 km)

1st Cheylsea Mitchell/Wendy Taylor - 45:15

2nd Jennifer MacKeigan -45:20

3rd Mike Gladish - 45:26

4th Pia Blake - 46:37

5th Deb Kiemele - 1:01:03

6th Ginny MacDonald -1:01:14

7th Caelan McLean - 1:06:24

8th Sherri Cooper - 1:07:08

9th Bruce McLean - 1:09:49

10th RoseAnne Anttila/Katie Scorgie - 1:11:56

11th Daniel Jolkowski/Julia Scramstad - 1:13:51

12th Dave/Carole Rodger - 1:23:15

Peter/Ben Steele mp

Chris/Emmett Ross mp

Wendy Nixon mp

Alan Duguay mp

Advanced (4.1 km)

1st Ross Burnett - 41:19

2nd Ryan Kelly - 1:01:03

3rd Bob Sagar - 1:03:52

4th Karen McKenna - 1:21:45

5th Joe Bradley - 1:48:43

6th Doug Hitch - 2:06:16

Hilary Wilkinson mp

Nesta Leduc mp

Dahria Beatty mp

Ev Pasichnyk dnf

Sara Nielsen/Veronique Theriault dnf

Miko Miyahara dnf

Cord Hamilton dnf

Trevor Bray dnf

Long advanced (5.6 km)

1st Colin Abbott - 46:23

2nd Forest Pearson - 51:11

3rd Lee Hawkings - 59:26

4th Kendra Murray - 1:12:52

5th Nansen Murray - 1:16:31

6th Darren Halcombe - 1:19:17

Jim Hawkings mp

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