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Northern Lights shine at Yukon judo championships

Members of Northern Lights Judo Club threw down opponents and picked up medals on Saturday.

Members of Northern Lights Judo Club threw down opponents and picked up medals on Saturday.

With the largest team of 23 judokas, the Whitehorse club won the most hardware at the ninth annual Judo Yukon Open Championships at the Canada Games Centre.

“Athletes came to win and it showed,” said sensei Dan Poelman in a release. “Awesome fights today!”

Northern Lights, which has seen its membership quadruple to about 40 over the last two seasons, came away with 25 medals including six gold.

The club pocketed two special awards to boot. Anneke Aasman, who won two bronze in competition, was given the award for best sportsmanship for females. Teammate Jaymi Hinchey, who won two gold, took in the Best Technique award.

Whitehorse’s Shiroumakai won 12 medals, Carcross’ Hiroshikai seven medals, Anchorage’s Mountain View Judo seven medals, Yellowknife Judo Club four medals, Golden Horn Judo two medals and Juneau’s Capital City Judo one medal.

This year’s championships marked the second year in a row Yellowknife judokas attended and fifth in a row Alaskan clubs competed.

“The N.W.T. team brought six fighters this time. Last time they brought one, so that’s a pretty big increase,” said tournament director Aaron Jensen.

“We’ve had fluctuations here in town. Obviously the Northern Lights has grown exponentially in the last couple of years ...

“We had some good senior fights - we don’t always have seniors at the competition.”

A total of 58 judokas competed on Saturday, down from a record 86 two years ago. Judo Yukon athletes will next compete at the Alaska championships on April 30.

“It was a good event because we had lots of volunteers, things were well planned and everything went as usual,” added Jensen.

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Novice mixed under-30kg

1st Alexander Penner (HRK)

2nd Anya Bellon (GHJ)

3rd Gage Albertini (NLJ)

Novice mixed under-38kg

1st Samuel Bradet (SHK)

2nd Alexander Penner (HRK)

3rd Dylan Watts (CCJ)

U10 mixed under-26kg

1st Lia Hinchey (NLJ)

2nd Seth Smith (HRK)

3rd Mason Parry (NLJ)

U10 mixed under-29kg

1st Kenai Bryden (HRK)

2nd Sapphira Oettli (NLJ)

3rd Damon Tonner (NLJ)

U10 mixed under-48kg

1st Ella Hotte (GHJ)

2nd Souleymane Sangare (NLJ)

3rd Benjamin Macleod (NLJ)

U12 female under-30kg

1st Jaymi Hinchey (NLJ)

2nd Samara Jacob (NLJ)

3rd Anneke Aasman (NLJ)

U12 male under-38kg

1st Dalton Penner (HRK)

2nd Kaleb Parry (NLJ)

3rd Artur Losinski (NLJ)

U12 male under-44kg

1st Gabriel Racine (NLJ)

2nd Rogan Parry (NLJ)

3rd Dawson Penner (HRK)

U14 male under-38kg

1st Jayden Iskra (SHK)

2nd Brennan Little (SHK)

3rd Olijah Armstrong (MVJ)

U14 female under-38kg

1st Jaymi Hinchey (NLJ)

2nd Willow Sippel (SHK)

3rd Taylor Legge (NLJ)

U14 male under-49kg

1st Gavin Mellon (MVJ)

2nd Jonathan Racine (NLJ)

3rd Landon Shooshanian (MVJ)

U14 female under-52kg

1st Cassie Jensen (SHK)

2nd Emersyne Sias (SHK)

3rd Jenna Nystrom (YJC)

U16 male under-60kg

1st Emanuel Lamvu (YJC)

2nd Gavin Mellon (MVJ)

3rd Rowen Kingston (SHK)

U16 male under-91kg

1st Dorian Mellon (MVJ)

2nd Logan Cairns (YJC)

U16 open male

1st Jacob Melanson (SHK)

2nd Dorian Mellon (MVJ)

Open male

1st Ove Maxfield (SHK)

2nd Landon Shooshanian (MVJ)

3rd Jonathan Racine (NLJ)

Senior male

1st Maxence Jaillet (YJC)

2nd Graeme Campbell (NLJ)

3rd Jarek Losinsky (NLJ)

Judo knowledge (beginner)

1st Mason Parry (NLJ)

2nd Laurick Corriveau (HRK)

3rd Anneke Aasman (NLJ)

Judo Knowledge (intermediate)

1st Jonathan Racine (NLJ)

2nd Gabriel Racine (NLJ)

3rd Samara Jacob (NLJ)

Judo Knowledge (advanced)

1st Jayden Iskra (SHK)

2nd Daniel Tonner (SHK)

3rd Wyatt Burnett (SHK)