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Nikon and Peart net four each for Boston Pizza

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey LeagueTuesday results:Boston Pizza 11Air North Jets 6Mike Nikon and Ed Peart scored four times each as BP…

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League

Tuesday results:

Boston Pizza 11

Air North Jets 6

Mike Nikon and Ed Peart scored four times each as BP grounded the Jets on Tuesday night. Mike Young added two goals, and Dean Mastrangelo added a single.

The Jets spread the scoring around, with goals from David Bliss, Gerry Grant, Darius Elias, Wesley Marsh, Ben Harper and Jacob Bech.

Whitehorse Mustangs 8

Southern Tutchone Storm 5

Glen Skookum and Kane Dawe led the Mustangs with two goals each, and Lowell Johnston, Nick Mauro, Taylor Pasloski and Kaleb Dawe scored as well. Ted Stephens recorded three assists.

Scott Horsey had three goals for the Storm, and Darrell Sturko added a pair and three assists.

Oldtimers hockey

Wednesday results:

Edgewater Hotel 4

Medicine Chest 3

The Edgewater crew came out on top in this match, with goals from Larry Warner, Ross Phillips, Doug Tenney and Brent Stokes.

Peter Grundmanis netted a pair for the Chest, and Scott Lowery added the third. Ed van Randen recorded two assists.

Yukon Inn 7

Kilrich 1

Greg Bull and Mike Blower scored two goals and an assist each, while Lester Balsillie, Wayne Crowe and Phil Bastien scored as well.

Stu Mackay scored for Kilrich, assisted by Wade Harrison.

Indoor soccer

Under-15 (Tuesday)

Quarton & Sutherland 12

Audette Construction 4

Michael Irish led Quarton & Sutherland with four goals, Savanna Marks booted in three, Tanner Coyne added two and David Ratcliff, Amy Andison and Nathan Doiron added singles. Jonothan Quarton was named MVP.

Dakota Couch scored two for Audette, and Alex Lindsay took the MVP with two goals as well.

EBA Engineering 6

Klondike Copier 4

EBA’s scorers were Riley Smith and Robin

Smith, with a pair each, and Korbin Gendron. Janelle Greer took top player honours.

The Copier’s Ross Mitcham-Timpany and Michael Hemings scored two goals each, and Alex Bookless was named top player.

Under-13 (Monday)

Bumper to Bumper 7

Snap on Tools 1

Brett Ens led the Bumpers with two goals, and Kyle Risby, Shannon Thompson, Kelsey Smeeton, Harold Risby and Caleb Kelly added singles. Thomas Mostyn took the MVP nod for his solid performance in the net.

Joaquin McWatters scored the lone Snap On goal, and Caleb Smith was named MVP.

Coldwell Banker 5

Locksmith Services 2

Coldwell’s Tyson Baxter scored four goals, and Kurtis Hills added a single. Will Parker took MVP honours.

Locksmith’s scorers were Ale Adamek and Brandi Scobie, and its MVP was Micah Copeland.

Alpine Bakery 11

BMO Bank of Montreal 3

Alpine Bakery took control of this game, with Rob Borud leading the scoring with four goals. Kimberley Brown, Jazmine Carey and Brittnay Banks scored two goals each, and MVP Simon Paish added one.

For BMO Bank of Montreal, MVP Mary Bennett, Jordan Lindsay and Clay Limacher scored goals.

Kal Tire 5

Mackay LLP 5

Jack Lanigan’s hat trick kept Kal Tire in this match, with Katie Lowey and Eric Bookless adding singles, and Cheyenne LaCoste was named MVP.

Mackay’s Cameron Weeks scored four times, and Travis Pumphrey netted the fifth. Trey Yakeleya took MVP honours.

Under-11 (Monday)

Budget Rent a Car 5

Mic Mac Toyota 1

Nicholas Dobush and Owen Hedstrom-Langford scored a pair each, and Justin Ens added the fifth. Stacey Macklon was the MVP.

Yuigi Blackburn scored the lone Mic Mac goal, and Linsey Eby was named player of the game.

Territorial Auto Parts 5

Sale Salvage 3

For Territorial Auto, Travis Banks, and Liam Janke each scored two, while Dominic Korn singled. Landon Worsfold was the MVP.

Peter Joe Jensen scored two and Emily Dorosz added one for Sale Salvage. The whole Sale Salvage team deserved the MVP for their effort.

Rafter A Ranch 6

Alkan Air 4

Ashton Schaber, Ryley Andrew and Calden Hoefs scored two goals each for the Ranchers, in a close game that was tied most of the time. Wynn White took MVP honours.

Dylan Reid scored three for Alkan, and Louis Kedziora added a single. Samantha Sterriah took the player of the game honours.

Assante Financial 4

Intersport 3

Sameen Bhullar netted a pair of goals, as Assante edged by Intersport. Mike Wintemute and Bohdi Elias added singles. Ben Deacon took MVP honours. Nolan Mountain scored two for Intersport, and Megan Lanigan added one as well. Jennifer Ryan was Intersport’s player of the game.

Under-nine (Tuesday)

Mobile Maintenance 2

Coates Services Yukon Ltd. 0

Alex Hansen and Logan Harris each singled for Mobile, and Quintessa Maltais was named MVP.

MVP for Coates was Riley Smoler.

Brouwer Claims Canada 9

Medicine Chest 1

Brouwer Claims smashed the Chest, with Chris Torgerson and Amy Kemshead both scoring three goals, Samantha Wintemute adding two and Brett Nichol booting a single. Abby Hawes took MVP honours.

The lone goal for Medicine Chest was from Sam Bonar, and the MVP was Fabrizio Rayo.

Tim Hortons 5

Elks 2

Damien Terry and Dustin Mccluskie each netted two goals for Tim’s, and Janelle Cousins added one and took the MVP honours.

Ross McBee netted a pair for the Elks, and Hailey Patterson was named MVP.

Under-seven (Tuesday)

Yukon News 1

Boston Pizza 1

Jonas Leas scored for the News, and the MVP was JJ Cannings. Boston Pizza’s scorer was Jayden Sidney, and its MVP was Carl Knickle.

Murraya Dental 3

Oranje 1

Gordon Huebschwerlen was an offensive machine netting all three goals and getting MVP for the game. Oranje’s MVP was Curtis Dawson.

Underhill Geomatics 5

Plantation Flowers and Gifts 3

Brandon Barrett led Underhill, scoring all five goals, while Nathan Smith took MVP honours.

Dylan Cozens netted the hat trick for Plantation, and Hannah Bjork-Andison was named player of the game.

Coed league (Wednesday)

Assante Financial 7

Mic Mac Toyota 4

No scoring information available.