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New timing system in place for Kluane Chilkat relay

The early deadline for the 16th running of the Kluane to Chilkat bike relay has passed, and there are just three weeks until the event.

The early deadline for the 16th running of the Kluane to Chilkat bike relay has passed, and there are just three weeks until the event.

There are 210 teams with a total of 991 riders now registered.

Online registration continues until the final deadline on June 16 at midnight. Go to the Kluane to Chilkat website at to register.

Organizers have adopted a new timing system that will be familiar to orienteers. The system, known as SportIdent or SI for short, uses chip technology and a series of control stations to record a time on the chip. 

SportIdent will create two big changes for the bike relay:

First, there will be no stopwatches at the checkpoints, so the role of the volunteers will change.

Checkpoint officials will be busy ensuring that riders slow down and dismount as they enter the checkpoint.

They will also ensure that the SI stick is inserted into the Control unit and then transferred to the outgoing rider or safely stored if the biker is riding through.

Second, each rider will have to carry an SI stick, much like a relay baton, passing the stick to their teammate at the exchange area after dipping it quickly into the control unit.

It takes less than a second to record the time.

There will be several control units at each checkpoint so there will not be a backlog of riders waiting to check in.

The SI sticks will be clipped onto a lanyard, which riders will wear around their neck. The lanyards can be slipped on or off over the bike helmet and then tucked inside the shirt. 

There is one other change for riders, which was announced in April.

Riders will have to dismount at each checkpoint unless they are riding through.

At the finish line there will be a standard electronic timing device but the SI stick will also be used for a backup time. After crossing the finish line riders will be controlled and funneled to a bib-collection point, where the SI stick will be dipped for a backup finish time.

The Blue Sheets that have been used in the last several years will still be mandatory.  Teams will record their leg times on the sheets and hand them in at the finish line. 

The blue sheet times are a backup that can be used to sort out missing or incorrect times.

Volunteer training for all checkpoint officials will be taking place on June 10 and 12 at Mt McIntyre Recreation Centre.

Volunteers will learn about the rules of the event, how to set up the checkpoint, how the SI system works, and how to prepare for a long day in the weather.

They will get tips on how to make the event safe, fair and enjoyable for the participants and volunteers.  There are still volunteers needed so if anybody is interested, please contact the race co-ordinators at or 333-0394.

For more information call 668-4582 or 633-3465 or e-mail