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Kieran Halliday selected as Team Yukon’s flag bearer

Considering his resume, Whitehorse’s Kieran Halliday was an obvious candidate to lead Team Yukon into the opening ceremonies of the Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke, Que., this Friday.

Considering his resume, Whitehorse’s Kieran Halliday was an obvious candidate to lead Team Yukon into the opening ceremonies of the Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke, Que., this Friday.

It was announced the 17-year-old will be the Yukon team’s flag-bearer during a pep rally at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre last Friday evening.

“I was really surprised,” said Halliday. “I feel really honoured. It feels great to be representing the team like that.

“I’m really looking forward to having a strong year this year. I’ve been training really hard, so I hopefully I can win a match. That would be fantastic.

“I really want to do my best and represent the Yukon well.”

Experience, versatility and sportsmanship are just a few reasons for his selection.

Sherbrooke will be Halliday’s second Canada Summer Games. Halliday competed in tennis at the 2009 Games in P.E.I., where he produced the very first victory for Team Yukon at the Games.

Halliday is one of just two Yukon athletes who will compete both weeks in Sherbrooke. He will compete in tennis in week one and athletics in week two in Sherbrooke. On the hard court he will play in singles and doubles and on the track he will race in the steeplechase.

“I don’t think the roster is set in stone yet, but I might be doing the 4x400(-metre) relay,” said Halliday.

Not only are the upcoming Games his second Canada Games, they will be his fifth major Games.

The Team Yukon veteran competed in tennis at the 2011 Western Canada Games in Kamloops, B.C.

He also competed in two Arctic Winter Games. He won four gold ulus in snowshoeing at the 2010 Arctics in Grande Prairie, Alta. and three gold ulus in snowshoe biathlon at the 2012 Arctics in Whitehorse. In other words, he has never lost a race at the Arctic Games.

“The Arctics – winning all those gold medals was great,” said Halliday. “It’s nice to give Yukon something back.

“For the Canada Games, it’s nice to be in that high level of competition because not many kids get to go to these things. Being the Yukon, you have lots of opportunity to compete at that super high level. It’s been great. I’ve learned a lot from it.

“I’ve met a lot of great people who I still talk to today.”

The only other multi-sport team member is Whitehorse’s Max Clarke who is on the men’s volleyball team in week one and is on the athletics team for javelin and discus in week two.

The Yukon’s flag-bearer for the closing ceremonies on August 17 will be determined during the two weeks of competition.

Competition begins this Saturday. Week one will include swimming, mountain biking female soccer, male and female volleyball, and tennis.

Team Yukon will compete in 11 sports during the Games, with 97 athletes, 17 coaches, 12 managers and 12 mission staffers.

“There are a lot of younger kids this year, so I hope I can be a good role model for them,” added Halliday.


Team Yukon roster


Logan Boehmer

Sam Bonar

Aidan Bradley

Sara Burke-Forsythe

Max Clarke

Kieran Halliday

Karter Kazakoff

Katie Londero

Emily Oettli

Brittany Pearson-Smith

Scott Peterson

Odette Rivard

Anna Rivard

Logan Roots

Brody Smith

Don White (head coach)

Christine Kirk (assistant coach)

Sam Lindsey (manager)



Andrew Crist

Jason Zrum

Zakaria Mahmoudi (head coach)

Daniel Girouard (manager)

Alfred Berard (technical support)



Trever Harris

James McGrath

Parker Olson

Jeff Wiggins (head coach)

Gord Zealand (manager)


Female volleyball

Corey Baxter

Julianna Campbell

Heather Clarke

Robyn Fortune

Courtney Greenway

Kelcie Henney

Daria Jordan

Kiana Palamar

Kat Robinson

Anna Smith

Cayley Sparks

Patti Wallingham

Derick Bilodeau (head coach)

Roslyn Tait (assistant coach)

Bonnie Palamar (manager)


Male volleyball

Rob Borud

Max Clarke

Justin Dragoman

Mason Gray

Stephen Grundmanis

Michael Hunter

Jon Koltun

Cody Park

Kieran Small

Albert Spycher

Lowell Tait

Kyle Wallace

Russel Tait (head coach)

Janna Tait (assistant coach)

Tory Wiebe (manager)


Mountain biking

Massey Baker

Veronica Huggard

Andrew Savard

Spencer Skerget

Anthony Delorenzo (head coach)

Ziggy Reimer (manager)


Road cycling

Shea Hoffman

Melanie Tait

Trena Irving (head coach)

Phil Hoffman (manager)


Female soccer

Stephanie Avery

Samantha Burgis

Jenelle Cousins

Emily Dorosz

Camile Galloway

Anna Janowicz

Jaylene Kelly

Megan Lanigan

Lauren Leslie

Carolyn Miller

Hannah Milner

Brittany Milner

Moya Painter

Morgan Paul

Cheyenne Ryan

Chloe Turner-Davis

Emily Wilson

Samantha Wintemute

Charly Kelly (head coach)

River Walton (assistant coach)

Leslie Gomm (manager)


Male soccer

Michael Amirault

Brendyn Gendron

Owen Hedstrom-Langford

Brendan Irish

Colin Kabanak

Dominic Korn

Malcolm Muir

Belgie Nunez-Zuniga

Tristan Olynyk

Axel Riemer

Jonathon Runions

Timber Schroff

Andrew Scoffin

Marten Sealy

Kieran Stacey

Christopher Torgerson

Mike Wintemute

Callum Wood-Ryan

Victor Lavanderos (head coach)

Arnold Hedstrom (assistant coach)

Teresa Banks (manager)



Haley Braga

Emily Crist

Taylor Harvey

Ben Janzen

Cassis Lindsay

Dannica Nelson

Isabel Parkkari

Stephanie Dixon (head coach)

Kathy Zrum (assistant coach)

Shereen Hill (AACP)

Spencer Edelman (manager)



Gentianne Graham

Aline Halliday

Kieran Halliday

Ewan Halliday

Khang Pham

Alex Roberts

Jan Polivka (head coach)

Stacy Lewis (manager)


Mission staff

Trevor Twardochleb (Chef de Mission)

Marg White (assistant Chef/female volleyball/athletics)

Louis Bouchard (male volleyball/golf)

Kandice Braga (swimming)

Kathy Zrum (canoe/kayak)

Anne Copland (tennis)

Charly Kelly (photography)

Kim King (female soccer)

Sarah Koltun (step student-SARB)

Johnny Nunan (male soccer)

Jesse Reams (road cycling)

Sue Richards (mountain biking)


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