Judokas hit the mats in Carcross

When asked what stood out about the championships, Whitehorse's Daniel Tonner had a peculiar answer for someone who had just won a gold medal. "Being really thirsty and getting hurt," said the 10-year-old.


When asked what stood out about the championships, Whitehorse’s Daniel Tonner had a peculiar answer for someone who had just won a gold medal.

“Being really thirsty and getting hurt,” said the 10-year-old.

Ah, good times.

Tonner was one of about 55 judokas to participate in the Hiroshikai Judo Club Championships at Carcross’s Ghuch Tla Community School on Saturday.

“Eban Basnett and Jayden Iskra were both really hard,” said Tonner, who won gold in the U12 under-36 kilograms division. “Wyatt Burnett was also quite difficult. I threw him and got an ippon and got a full point and I held him down and got a full point and I threw him again and got a full point.”

The championship was the third annual since judo returned to Carcross after more than a decade. It was also Judo Yukon’s second championship of the season and included competitors from four of Yukon’s five clubs.

Having hosted a pair of annual championships before Saturday, things went smoothly, said Hiroshikai sensei Robert Bellon.

“Everyone knows what they’re doing, so the job is really easy,” said Bellon. “Having the season half over by now, the butterflies are gone for the kids. The kids have seen the first tournament, so now they want to fight in this one.”

Tonner, who trains at Whitehorse’s Shiroumakai Judo Club, is one of the raising stars of Judo Yukon. This season he has won a gold and silver at B.C. tournaments.

His gold on Saturday was the first in the territory this season for Tonner, who recently graduated to orange belt.

“I like how there’s belts and there’s lots of tournaments and you can go up and fight people who are bigger than you, you get more experience and it’s really fun,” said Tonner.

Yukon will also be sending a competitor to the Canada Winter Games this February in Prince George, B.C., for the first time since the 2007 Games in Whitehorse.

On board to represent Yukon is 16-year-old Jacob Melanson. Melanson is also a student of Shiroumakai Judo Club with nine years of experience under his brown belt. He has represented Judo Yukon at numerous Canadian championships.

“I think it’s going to be awesome, a great experience and I can’t wait to go,” he told the News at Judo Yukon’s season opener in November.

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Beginner knowledge

1st Carter Little (GHJ)

2nd Lia Hinchey (NLJ)

3rd Jonathan Racine (NLJ)

Intermediate knowledge

1st Jayden Iskra (SHK)

2nd Darrein James-Tizya (HRK)

3rd Daniel Tonner (SHK)

Ground work (Newaza)

U8 under-20kg

1st Mannix Bingham (NLJ)

2nd Laurick Corriveau (HRK)

3rd Samual Thevathasan (NLJ)

4th Granite Davis (HRK)

U8 under-23kg

1st Kenai Bryden (HRK)

2nd Mason Parry (NLJ)

3rd Quinn Mostyn (SHK)

U8 under-35kg

1st Gabriel Racine (NLJ)

2nd Zephyr Bingham (NLJ)

3rd Shale Davis (HRK)

4th Ave Burns (NLJ)

Standing (Tachi-waza)

U8 under-30

1st Samuel Bradet (SHK)

2nd Damon Tonner (NLJ)

U10 under-22kg

1st Carter Little (GHJ)

2nd Lia Hinchey (NLJ)

3rd Sapphira Oettli (NLJ)

U10 under-26kg

1st Luke Roberts (GHJ)

2nd Mackenzie Bolduc (GHJ)

3rd Samara Jacob (NLJ)

3rd Adrien Leger (NLJ)

U10 under-30kg (white belt)

1st Jaymi Hinchey (NLJ)

2nd Mackenzie Tonner (NLJ)

3rd Anya Bellon (GHJ)

U10 under-30kg (yellow belt)

1st Kaleb Parry (NLJ)

2nd Nathan Mostyn (SHK)

U10 under-42kg

1st Rogan Parry (NLJ)

2nd Alex Kiriak (NLJ)

2nd Daniel Thevathasan (NLJ)

U12 under-30kg

1st Brennan Little (GHJ)

2nd Samuel Bugg (GHJ)

U12 under-36kg

1st Daniel Tonner (SHK)

2nd Eban Basnett (SHK)

3rd Jayden Iskra (SHK)

4th Wyatt Burnett (SHK)

U12 under-42kg

1st Jonathan Racine (NLJ)

2nd Devon Rollins (SHK)

3rd Mitchel Peacock (GHJ)

U12 girls under-42kg

1st Taia Zakus (SHK)

2nd Phoenix Scales (GHJ)

U14 girls under-48kg

1st Judy Russell (SHK)

2nd Cassi Jensen (SHK)

3rd Emersyne Sias (SHK)

U14 boys under-54kg

1st Kenny Hyatt (SHK)

2nd Scottie James-Shepherd (HRK)

U16 boys over-66kg

1st Shayne Melanson (SHK)

2nd Darrien James-Tizya (HRK)

3rd Jadon Leenders (SHK)