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Hot Hounds kick off summer race season

The Hot Hounds summer race series started up on Sunday right where it left off last fall.

The Hot Hounds summer race series started up on Sunday right where it left off last fall.

Friendly bikejor rivals Cynthia Corriveau and Darryl Sheepway were again at the top of the standings at the Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon’s event at Muktuk Kennels in the Ibex Valley.

“It was pretty nice. The trail was in very good condition, wide and we had lots of participants in different categories,” said Corriveau. “It was nice to have Muktuk host us and it was very well organized and very well attended.”

Last fall in the season finale Sheepway and Corriveau tied in the one-dog one-mile bikejor event and Corriveau won the two-dog two-mile bikejor.

On Sunday Sheepway took the top spot in the one-dog one-mile bikejor, ahead of Corriveau in second.

Corriveau then snatched first in the two-dog two-mile bikejor with her dogs Libby and Karma.

“It went very well and the two-dog is always my favourite event,” said Corriveau.

Adam Robinson was the only one to make the podium in all three events. Robinson placed second in the canicross event and third in the two bikejor races.

The event, which ended with a barbecue, opened with DPSAY’s annual general meeting in which a new board of directors was selected.

Corriveau, Robinson, as well as Armin Johnson, Meagan Grabowski, Claudia Wickert, Virginia Sarrazin, Sophie Firmenich and Simi Morrison, were elected to the board.

The next Hot Hounds event will take place in about a month, at a date to be announced.

“The summer is low-key. They are really short races and are more about the social aspect of people getting together,” said Wickert. “It’s just so hot for the dogs, we’re just going to do those short races.”

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Bikejor (one mile/one dog)

1st Darryl Sheepway - 3:28

2nd Cynthia Corriveau - 3:39

3rd Adam Robinson - 3:42

4th Claudia Wickert - 3:51

5th Alex Rochat - 3:56

6th Armin Johnson - 4:18

7th Virginia Sarrazin - 4:19

Bikejor (two miles/two dogs)

1st Cynthia Corriveau - 7:20

2nd Alex Rochat - 7:35

3rd Adam Robinson - 8:15

4th Jean-Marc Champeval - 8:28

5th Darryl Sheepway - 8:44

6th Armin Johnson - 9:15

7th Pascal Krebs - 10:54

8th Peri Livesey - 15:35 (1 dog)

9th Damaris Riedwyl - 19:18

Canicross (one mile/one dog)

1st Jonathan French - 4:51

2nd Adam Robinson - 5:04

3rd Virginia Sarrazin - 5:05

4th Timo Burkhard - 5:40

5th Damaris Riedwyl - 5:42

6th Megan Grabowski - 6:08

7th Miriam Vogt - 6:30

8th Cynthia Corriveau - 6:33

9th Dave Widmer - 6:56

10th Greg Sanderson - 7:06

11th Sarah Takhi - 7:18

12th Nathalie Sludel - 7:33

13th Ellen Clarke - 8:29