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Horse show trots into 31st year

A total of 98 horse and rider teams from the Yukon and Alaska saddled up for the 31st annual Whitehorse 2010 Horse Show held over the weekend.

A total of 98 horse and rider teams from the Yukon and Alaska saddled up for the 31st annual Whitehorse 2010 Horse Show held over the weekend.

With the hopes of becoming a sanctioned event under Equine Canada, the national equestrian governing body, organizers operated under the specified guidelines, offering riders conditions and judging they would receive at a sanctioned event.

“There’s been a big desire to move our show to the next level,” said show manager Anne Lewis. “This is the 31st year of the show, and over the last 10 or 15 years we’ve seen a lot of our riders actually progress to competing in the rest of Canada. It’s really important for us as an organization to provide our riders with the best resources and opportunities in their performance and competition here so they feel ready and prepared when they do go south.”

Besides the obvious benefits for riders and their horses - becoming accustomed to more regulated competition - if the show becomes sanctioned in the future, participants could earn points towards a national ranking and could use the local event, held at the at the Yukon Horse and Rider Showgrounds, to qualify for Outside shows. This past weekend’s show was the first step in making the show sanctioned, which could happen as soon as next year.

The following is a cross-section of results from the show. Due to space constraints, results are limited to one age category (junior C, B, A or adult), per division and demonstrate the variety of equine classes presented by YHRA for the Whitehorse 2010 Horse Show.

For full results, please contact Anne Lewis at

Yukon Championship Halter

1st Cathy Mattson/Sea Irish Gold


1st Angelique Sevigny/Sonny’sBest Yet and Dempsey’s Aurora Skye


1st Heather McCann/Rosatta

Junior dressage

1st Faith Larose/Caesar

Charity Extravaganza events

Matched pairs

1st Sarah Hougen/ Maggie May

1st Anna Ramminger/ Windy Sitka Day

2nd Kelsie Olsen/Cool

2nd Amanda Dendys/ Santa De Mingo

3rd Angelique Sevigny/ Zippo Pine Retreat

3rd Elaine Seier/Jack Versatility

1st Lisa Ibias/Ok Truly Lacy’s LAD

2nd Laura Sidney/ Nimara Nateese

3rd Kristin Kibby/Marquise Ruby

Musical freestyle

1st Josie Storey/Beauregard

1st Anna Ramminger/

Windy Stika Day

1st Hana Val/Caesar

1st Sarah Hougen/Maggie May

1st Eryn MacGillivray/Blue Wheel Sundown

1st Michael Hougen/Lancelot

1st Sydney Johnson/Lily

2nd Kylie Ibias/OK Truly Lacy’s LAD

2nd Sarah Milks/Awesome to the Max

2nd Evelyn Walker/Sayla

3rd Katie O`Farrell/Over Dun Elegance

3rd Shannon Mason/Sayla

In hand events

Halter mares

1st Cathy Mattson/Seas Irish Gold

Showmanship - junior C

1st Malorie Hanson/Lady In-hand trail

1st Erin Woods/Dusty’s Winged Spirit

Gymkhana events

Lead line

1st Olivia Barker/Little Ben

1st Connor Hoyt/Dollar

1st Malorie Hanson/LadyEgg & spoon

1st Laura Sidney/Marquis Ruby

Stake race - junior C

1st Brayden Bjork/Kelsie Mate

Barrel racing - junior B

1st Kylie Ibias/A Penny For your Thoughts

Pole bending

1st Angelique Sevigny/Dempsey’s Aurora Skye

Western events

Trail horse senior horse - junior B and C

1st Laura Sidney/Nimara Nasteese

Western pleasure senior horse - junior A/adult

1st Rachelle Wallace/Midas

Stock seat equitation - junior C

1st Shannon Mason/Sayla

Western horsemanship - junior B

1st Laura Sidney/Nimara Nasteese

Command class - junior A

1st Cathy Mattson/Sea Irish Gold

Green as grass - modified open

1st Brooke Nielson/Callie Girl

English events

Road hack - horse - junior C

1st Tamara Campbell/LJS Mirador

Hunter under saddle - junior B

1st Anna Ramminger/Windy Sitka Day

English pleasure - junior A

Emily Oettli/Bonny

Hunter seat equitation - flat - adult

1st Wendy Smith

Jumping events

Hunter 2’3”- junior B

1st Laura Sidney/Marquis Ruby

Hunter 3’0”- adult

1st Brooke Nielson/For Keeps

Jumper 3’0”- open

1st Spencer Sumanik/Nick

Gambler’s choice 2’6”- open

1st Meggy Hanna

Dressage events

Walk/Trot test - junior B/C

1st Faith Larose

Training level test 4 - junior A/adult

1st Jenilyn Kooy/Mandolin HBR

First level test 4 - junior A/adult

1st heather McCann

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