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Harescramble brings out motorcycle community

This year’s event included 67 riders

Riders were treated last weekend to two sunny days of racing during the Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association’s (YCCMA) Area 55 Harescramble.

The annual enduro-style race saw a total of 67 riders, ranging in age from four to 77, take to three different tracks for up to three hours at a time.

The C track is comprised of single track and open trail designed for young kids, the B track is a single track and open trail with optional intermediate obstacles, and the A track is a single track with an open trail with intermediate and expert obstacles including logs, tires, rocks and hill climbs.

“Enduro racing is a fun and very physically demanding sport which relies on technical skill with the motorcycle,” said Mike Beaman, YCCMA president, in an email. “The tracks are designed to level the field by challenging the riders with obstacles of varying difficulty depending on class so that the rider with the most skill wins, not the fastest bike.”

To finish off the two days of racing, YCCMA introduced the clown class, a fun race in which parents took their children’s little bikes and raced around the kid’s track for 11 laps.

“It proved to be very entertaining,” Beaman said.

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Junior C

1 Rhys Verville

2 Tallon Williams

3 Löic Revel

Intermediate C

1 Max Labelle

2 Carter Coates

3 Royce Thomas

Intermediate C girls

1 Sophie Hadley

2 Leona Adams

3 Leah Muir

Junior B

1 Casey Hadley

2 KJ Raymond

3 Colton Coates

Ladies B

1 Antje Beaman

2 Melanie Mihoc

3 Breanna Muir

Sportsman B

1 Tom Drew

2 Philip Kavanagh

125 sportsman B

1 Jason Adams

2 Sawyer Adams

3 Austin Larkin

Intermediate B

1 Ryder Brulotte

2 Colby Hadley

3 Soren Kristensen

Expert B

1 Joey Chretien

2 Terje Kristensen

3 Cole Beaman

Intermediate A

1 Kevin Smit

2 Dewan Houde

3 Neil Ryckman

Expert A

1 Julien Revel

2 Sam Schirmer

3 Teo Blakie

Intermediate clown C

1 Jason Adams

2 Neil Ryckman

3 Dave Muir

Junior clown C

1 James Verville

2 Grace Todd