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Hanson, Bringsli will continue and begin their Vancouver Whitecaps careers

Cameron Bringlsi will join the Whitecaps U14 acedemy while Joe Hanson returns to the reserve U-23 team
Joe Hanson, left, will return to the Whitecaps while Cameron Bringsli received the invite to join the U14 academy. (John Tonin/Yukon News)

Two Yukon soccer players will be headed to Vancouver to begin, and continue, their journeys with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Joe Hanson will continue his training with the Whitecaps’ reserve U23 team. Hanson first joined the Whitecaps in 2019.

“I’m loving it,” said Hanson. “I’m excited to go back and keep playing with them. It’ll be something new and exciting but I’ve been there for a while now.”

Cameron Bringsli has been invited to the Whitecaps’ newest academy team — U14, birth year 2008 boys. The team will consist of a training squad of 42 of the top players in Western Canada. The roster will be whittled down to 18 after Christmas.

Bringsli has already experienced high-quality training from doing FC Barcelona academies and travelling to Alberta to play with the Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club.

Seeing Hanson make the Whitecaps in 2019 showed Bringsli that he could accomplish that as well.

“Joe was a good role model for me, especially from the Yukon, because I saw his poster at the Canada Games Centre and that inspired me 100 per cent,” said Bringsli. “I know it’s possible see that he can make it to that level.”

Hanson’s training has kept him out of the Yukon but he said while he and Bringsli are in Vancouver he can ask him for any advice he needs.

“I’m always open if he wants to talk to me about stuff,” said Hanson. “I’ve been there and had to go through it. You have to adjust and it’s sometimes a bit nerve-wracking just jumping into a new team, new players and new places.”

Getting the invite to the Whitecaps is something Bringsli has been working toward for “three years” and is feeling confident going in.

“There’s a quote I follow,” said Bringsli. “You either sleep with your dreams or you get up and chase after them. That’s what I follow.

“There’s going to be some competition when I get there, there’s a lot of good players. But I’m confident in myself. I feel like I’m a great player and can stick up with those guys.”

Bringlsi, who plays centre attacking mid and centre mid said he’s ready to show the coaches what he’s got.

“I think they expect high performers there who work hard, get great touches on the ball and have a great attitude,” said Bringsli. “That’s what I’ll bring forward.”

Hanson is looking forward to continuing to show what he can do.

“I’ve only had three weeks of this summer so have been training lots,” said Hanson. “I’m looking forward to getting back and hopefully just keep getting better and showing what I can do.”

Being further along in his soccer career, Hanson said he’s looking forward to his next options.

“With the Whitecaps I’m one step away so getting close,” said Hanson. “But I’ll also explore some opportunities in Europe. Time will tell, we’ll do another year with the Whitecaps and see where it goes from there.”

Bringsli and Hanson wanted to thank the many coaches they’ve had in the Yukon and other stops in their soccer careers.

“They helped me become the player I am today,” said Bringsli.

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