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Government grants released to sports, recreation groups

Yukon's athletes, sports bodies and recreation groups have received their annual financial boost from the government, Community Services Minister Archie Lang announced this week.

Yukon’s athletes, sports bodies and recreation groups have received their annual financial boost from the government, Community Services Minister Archie Lang announced this week.

“This annual funding provides vital support to sport and recreation programs and services for our youth, families and Yukon residents of all ages,” said Lang in a media release. “We recognize the importance of active living for building healthy and sustainable communities.”

A total of $920,370 has been allocated by the Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee (YRAC), which oversees the application process, amounting to $14,630 less than last year.

Taking in the bulk of the funds are 26 Yukon sport governing bodies with $519,670, leaving $182,700 to special recreation groups, $120,000 to Sport Yukon and $98,000 to High Performance Athletes and Officials (the details of which are to be released next week.).

As like last year, Cross Country Yukon was at the top of the list with $90,000.

“Some of it is athlete development, which is almost 50 per cent of it ... for racing and training,” said Alain Masson, sport co-ordinator and head coach for Cross Country Yukon. “And then there’s leadership development, which is anything related to courses, workshops, improving skills for coaches, and so. Then there’s an administration portion that helps with the cost of running programs, helping with wages and stuff like that.”

Cross Country Yukon currently has multiple success stories to boast of. The organization has helped put two local skiers, Graham Nishikawa and Emily Nishikawa, on the Senior National Cross Country Ski Team, and three juniors, Dahria Beatty, Janelle Greer and Knute Johnsgaard, on the junior national team.

“We’ve done well the past few years, so we usually get rewarded with good support from the government, which helps maintain the level of our programs,” said Masson. “The successes help us get the funding and the funding helps us get the successes.”

Of the 26 sports bodies, all but four received within $1,000 of what they did last year.

The Alpine Ski Association took the biggest hit, receiving $3,500 less than in 2010. Also seeing smaller numbers were the Arctic Edge Skating Club and the Yukon Orienteering Association - oddly enough hosting the western Canada and national championships this year - each taking in $1,500 less than last year.

The Cycling Association of Yukon, which received no money last year, got $3,700.

Some movement in numbers could also be seen in the recreation groups as well. The Recreation & Parks Association of the Yukon and the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre received $2,750 less than last year. ElderActive was also a loser with $1,300 less.

The Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle, which was off the map last year, took in $5,000 this time around.

Yukon sport governing bodies

Cross Country Yukon - $90,000

Yukon Soccer Association - $89,000

Yukon Amateur HockeyAssociation - $69,000

Swim Yukon - $39,500

Basketball Yukon - $30,500

Volleyball Yukon - $28,000

Yukon Gymnastic Association - $26,500

Softball Yukon - $19,000

Squash Yukon - $15,000

Yukon Curling Association - $13,000

Alpine Ski Association - $12,000

Yukon Amateur Speed Skating Ass. - $11,000

Biathlon Yukon - $10,500

Yukon Badminton Association - $8,000

Judo Yukon - $7,500

Yukon Orienteering Association - $7,500

Arctic Edge Skating Club - $6,500

Yukon Freestyle Ski Association - $6,100

Tennis Yukon Association - $5,000

Snowboard Yukon Association - $4,500

Yukon Golf Association - $4,500

Synchro Yukon Association - $4,000

Cycling Association of Yukon - $3,750

Equine Association of Yukon - $3,500

Yukon Shooting Federation - $3,000

Table Tennis Yukon - $2,820

Total sport bodies - $519,670

Yukon special recreation groups

Recreation & Parks Association - $62,000

Skookum Jim Friendship Centre - $62,000

Yukon Special Olympics - $18,000

Girl Guides - Yukon Council - $14,000

ElderActive Recreation Association - $12,700

Yukon Scout Council - $9,000

Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle - $5,000

Total recreation groups - $182,700

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