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Firth leads Oldtimers with win over Klondyke

Oldtimers HockeyFirth Rangers 5Klondyke Dental Molars 2Carl Burgess and Bruce Williams led Firth to another win by netting a pair of goals…

Oldtimers Hockey

Firth Rangers 5

Klondyke Dental Molars 2

Carl Burgess and Bruce Williams led Firth to another win by netting a pair of goals each, and Dean Klassen added one. Ernie Jamieson helped out with three assists. Lorne Burnett and Shelby Workman scored for the Molars.

Edgewater Hotel 4

Kilrich 2

Brent Stokes, Scott Lowery, Roger Hewlett and Morley Lessard scored for Edgewater, as they doubled up on Kilrich.

Woody Bennett netted two for Kilrich, assisted by Phil Roszell and Laurie Malo.

Oldtimers standings as of November 12: (win-loss-tie, points)

1st Firth Rangers, 9-1-2, 20

2nd Medicine Chest, 6-3-3, 15

3rd Performance Centre Turbos, 6-3-3, 15

4th Yukon Inn, 5-6-1, 11

5th Kilrich, 4-6-2, 10

6th Klondyke Dental Molars, 4-6-2, 10

7th AON Flames, 4-7-1, 9

8th Edgewater Hotel, 3-9-0, 6

Scoring leaders: (goals-assists, points)

1st Laurie Malo, Kilrich, 19-11, 30

2nd Blaine Demchuk, Medicine Chest, 12-16, 28

3rd Chris McNutt, Medicine Chest, 12-8, 20

4th Roger Lockwood, Medicine Chest, 10-8, 18

5th Woody Bennett, Kilrich, 8-9, 17

Goaltender standings: (games played-goals against-average-shutouts)

1st Glen Traverse, Medicine Chest, 10-18-1.80-1

2nd James Billy, Firth Rangers, 10-19-1.90-1

3rd Evan Grant, Yukon Inn, 9-24-2.67-0

4th Rae Davies, Klondyke Dental, 11-39-3.55-1

5th Jon Heaton, Performance Centre, 10-37-3.70-0

Indoor soccer

Under-18 (Thursday)

Dave’s Cleaning 3

Pristine Auto Care 2

Dave’s Cleaning edged by Pristine with goals by David Hemmings, MVP Michael Hemmings and Sandy Schneider.

Goal scorers for Pristine Auto Care’s scorers were Devon Lee Blanchard and Grant McWatters. Joaquim McWatters was named MVP.

Under-15 (Thursday)

Coldwell Banker 12

Energy North 2

Coldwell Banker sapped all the juice out of Energy North, winning by a 10-point margin. Brett Hills booted in four goals; Mary Bennett, Scott McWhinney and Matt Blum added a pair each, and Michael Donahoe and Theron Richards added singles. Dwight Hardisty took the top player nod.

Energy North’s scorers were Robbie Borud and Mac Potter, and the MVP was Jenna Blanchette.

Wintemute Electric 8

Pine Plumbing 4

Jazmine Carey, Caleb Kelly and Ross Mitcham-Timpany scored two goals each for Wintemute, while Ian Wintemute and Kyle Risby added one each. Taylor Barr was named the MVP.

Nick Gillen had two for Pine, and Katie Lowey and Ale Adamek scored as well. Tayo Adamek was named top player.

Kilrich Industries 13

The Electrical Shop 4

Kilrich scored a ton with Jeff Bell netting five goals, Dillon Vickerman booting a hat trick, and Justin Wilcox and David Ratcliff scoring two each. Kyle Bowers added one and Jamie Davignon took the MVP nod.

Travis Olynyk had a hat trick for The Electrical Shop, and Alex Ordonez added the fourth, and Thomas Mills was named MVP.

Under-nine (Thursday)

Pelly Construction 3

Murraya Dental 3

Matthew Cooper scored a pair for Pelly, and Liam Adel added the third. Jared Morgan was named top player. Murraya Dental’s Skylar Bryant scored two goals, one late in the game, and Sean Clarke added the equalizer to tie it up at the end.

Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori 8

Dirkbuilt 1

Goals scorers for Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori were Graydon McDonnell, with four goals, and Logan Harris and Tino Tenda Maraire, with two each.

Dirkbuilt’s only goal scorer was Kelcy Armstrong, while Caleb Evans took the MVP nod.

Northern Denture 5

Underhill Geomatics 2

Alexandra Mattais netted two as Northern Denture beat Underhill. Ryan Hindson, Brody Ryckman and Gabriel Nadon scored as well. Isaac Allen took the MVP nod.

Underhill Geomatics’ scorer was Jude Lemone, with two, and the MVP was Malory Hansen. 

Titan Gaming 5

Physio Plus 1

Alex Soin, Luca Van Randen and MVP Anthony Steele scored for Titan, and Devon Seaman netted a pair.

Physio Plus’ scorer was JJ Cannings, and the MVP was Tyrell Milton.