Eikelboom wins third straight Mis Adventure

For the third year in a row the 28-year-old was the top finisher at the Mount Lorne Mis-Adventure Trail Race on Sunday.

Whitehorse’s David Eikelboom boomed through the trails once again in Mount Lorne.

For the third year in a row the 28-year-old was the top finisher at the Mount Lorne Mis-Adventure Trail Race on Sunday.

“Some years it’s been rainy and muddy, and then you just have a hoot out there,” said Eikelboom. “You’re slipping and sliding everywhere. Today it was pretty dry, so maybe it was a bit safer, but it had a little less of the wild side to it. A little less mis-adventure, a little more adventure.”

Eikelboom finished the 21-kilometre course that’s a little shy of a full half-marathon in one hour, 14 minutes and 57 seconds. He set the course record of 1:12:09 in last year’s race.

Eikelboom, a past Yukon cross-country champ and winner of the Yukon River Trail Marathon, might have gone out a little too quick, he said.

“I got a little ahead of myself. The last workout I did was a track workout with a lot of speed in it, so I haven’t been doing much slow stuff at all – a lot of quick miles,” said Eikelboom. “So I don’t have a great sense of a race pace right now and I think that showed in today’s run.”

Scott Williams placed second at 1:23:49 and Keith Thaxter, last year’s fourth place finisher, came third at 1:27:43.

Whitehorse’s Sue Bogle came in a 1:37:45 to be the top female. Bogle placed third last year in her first Mis-Adventure run.

“This year was better in the sense that I kind of knew where I was going and was ready for the big hill,” said Bogle. “It’s a little less than a half marathon, so I was ready for it to end before 13 miles, which was good. It’s good to know a little bit where you are going.”

Virginia Sarrazin claimed second for females with a time of 1:41.49 and Sarah Johnson ran to third in 1:47:02. Whitehorse’s Lauren Whyte, who won the division the last two years, was absent from the race.

“It’s nice to be the first female, but to be realistic, some of our speedier women like Amelia Fraser and Jody Eikelboom and Erica (Van Vlack) weren’t here … But they’re all half my age, so I don’t care,” she added with a laugh.

A record 44 runners took part in the 13th annual event, plus nine participants in the five-kilometre run/walk added this year.

Proceeds from the Athletics Yukon-sanctioned event went to the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (MLVFD).

“We enjoy seeing the same runners year after year,” said Judy Beaumont, secretary/treasurer of the MLVFD, in an email to the News. “And they enjoy our five-alarm chili lunch afterwards and knowing they have helped a volunteer fire department. It’s a really laid-back event and the word is definitely getting out there about our hospitality.”

“It’s good to see so many people out here supporting the fire hall,” added David, the president of Athletics Yukon. “These are people doing a lot of work supporting the community. If I could barely walk,

I’d still try to make it out here. It’s a good cause, the chili dinner is amazing and it’s a true community event.”

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