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Domino's squash team delivers in league final

The Domino's Pizza squash team lost the final battle but won the war.

The Domino’s Pizza squash team lost the final battle but won the war.

The pizza pie party’s Sam Penner fell 3-2 to Assante Financial’s Peter Mather, but by winning a minimum of one game in the match Penner vaulted Domino’s to a 16-14 win and Squash Yukon’s Tuesday Night League title at Better Bodies Whitehorse on Tuesday.

Skills and steady attendance helped Domino’s stay on toppings, er, top all season, said the team’s No. 3 Stephen Buckler.

“We have good players, but it also has to do with everyone showing up every week to play,” said Buckler. “We never really had defaults, which helped us come out on top.

“We had a great captain (Dylan Letang) and came out and played every night. We just play to have fun, but we like to win as well.”

Also helping Domino’s slice through the competition was No. 4 player Marc Jubinville.

Yukon Tree Service claimed third in the A league with a 17-11 win over fourth place’s Ecological Logistics and Research.

Buckler recently took over the reins of Squash Yukon following the departure of former president Chris Toleman, who has moved to P.E.I.

Toleman was a pillar of the sport’s governing body for the past quarter century and was president for about a decade before bidding adieu.

“It’s huge shoes to fill, but we have a lot of good volunteers and a really strong board that we’ve had for three years now,” said Buckler. “It’s going to be hard to fill what Chris did because he was kind of the heart and soul of Squash Yukon, but we’re going in the right direction. Participation is up ... In Thursday league we had to increase the number of people on teams.”

Squash Yukon has also seen growth in female and youth participation, added Buckler.

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