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Dawson teams win two divisions at soccer championships

Only one-eighth of the teams at the Northwestel Indoor Soccer Championships were from Dawson City, but they claimed two of five available gold medals on Sunday.

Only one-eighth of the teams at the Northwestel Indoor Soccer Championships were from Dawson City, but they claimed two of five available gold medals on Sunday.

Two of six Dawson squads won their division at the championship that saw 48 teams compete in five age divisions.

Klondike teams won the youngest and the oldest age divisions ending with a shutout win in the U-16 final.

The Dawson City/Haines Junction Football Club went undefeated at the championship and won the U-16 title with a 5-0 win over Sellars Realty in the final.

“Feels amazing. It’s not something that happens all the time,” said DCHJ goalkeeper Sandy Dubois. “Last year we did really well, won every game except for the semifinals. So that was disappointing.

“But this year was great. We were a golden team. We’re all close and know each other.”

The DCHJFC included two Haines Junction players who made their presence known in the final. Junction’s Joshua DuLac scored twice and Dawson Weir once. Dawson’s Jack Amos added the other two.

“They really come together and work well as a team - you can see their passing was awesome,” said DCHJFC coach Irwin Gaw. “One thing that was great to see out there was that they trust each other. In any circumstance, they weren’t afraid to pass it. They were never worried someone would lose the ball.”

All-Terrain Mineral Exploration took the bronze with a 9-6 win over Coates Services in the third-place match.


Dawson Lions roar in U-7

Dawson’s Johnny Nunan is getting a haircut.

The Dawson Lions coach promised his team if they won gold, he’d let them give him a Mohawk.

Time to get those scissors out.

The Lions went undefeated and won gold in U-7 on Sunday.

“At practice on Thursday there’ll be some scissors and clippers there,” said Nunan.

The Dawson team captured gold with a tight 2-1 win over Riverstone Dental in the final.

Jeb McGlaughlin and Katie McCloud scored for the Lions and Jessie Johnson scored for Riverstone.

The Lions squeaked into the final with a 3-2 overtime win over Marble Slab in the semifinal. Tigoni Nunan scored the game winner.

“They’re learning how to play as a team. It’s important to get lots of games in this tournament and they just played their hearts out,” said Johnny. “They just played like lions.”

Marble Slab went on to take bronze in a 3-0 win over Sports Expert.


The Deli carves up gold

The Deli sliced through the competition in U-9.

The Whitehorse team went undefeated and pocketed gold with a 2-1 win over the Collective Good in the final.

“The kids played really well together. I can’t really say more than that,” said Deli coach Mark London. “They played well together all year, got better as a team and they won as a team.

“They all like each other and respect each other, which is great to see.”

Scoring for The Deli in the final were Cameron Bringsli and Chris McCarron. Lexi Zaidan put one in for Collective Good.

Riverstone Dental went 1-0 over Yukon Yamaha for bronze.


Campground crew claim U-11 crown

The Robert Service Campground team pitched their tents in the winner’s circle Sunday.

The camper contingent went undefeated to win the U-11 division.

“The nice thing is we didn’t have any weak players,” said Robert Service coach Bruce Bennett. “We had two full lines and I could play them equally. I just had to watch the clock. It was easy for a coach.

“And we had a super goalie. Max Zimmerman, I think, was our star.”

Robert Service capped their win streak with a 5-3 win over Tim Hortons in the final. Gavin Howell scored a hat trick while teammates Isaac O’Brien and Pierre McKinnon added two more.

Scoring for Tim Hortons was Daniel Phillips-Freeman with two and Peyton Mason with one.

Creative Works Psychological Services topped Sale Salvage 10-4 for bronze.


Alpine Aviation takes off in U-13

Alpine Aviation won U-13 gold with little turbulence over the weekend.

The flight crew had a tie and won their other four matches for the title.

They downed the Yukon Pump Sharp Shooters 5-3 in the final.

Alpine’s Nathan Scully posted a hat trick and teammate Daniel Wilberforce added the others.

Alex Schultz, Kierra Smeeton and Clayton Chapman scored for Yukon Pump.

“U-13, all the coaches are great, all the kids are friends,” said Alpine coach Bruce Bennett - the same coach as Robert Service Campground.

“This is the best age group. I’ve coached for five years now and I love this group this of kids! This whole flock, they’re all really good.”

Alpine Aviation’s one tie came against the Haines Junction Eagles, who shut out Dawson City 2-0 for bronze.

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