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Cross Country Ski Club hosts first “Nightspeed” race of the season

There will be four enduro-style events this year

The Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club held the first of four night-race events on Jan. 28.

The enduro-style event included one timed section uphill and one timed section downhill, with the option for both a short and long course.

The long course took the World Cup 10K and Raven Connector up to Sarah Steele hut and then down from it, while the short course followed Copper up to the World Cup 10 K and back down on Raven North. Uphill and downhill sections are timed separately.

Joseph Graham competes in the first Nightspeed race of the season, hosted by the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club. (Haley Ritchie/Yukon News)

The other three Nightspeed races this year will take place on Feb. 17, March 10 and March 31.

The race is beginner-friendly and meant for all ages but skiers are recommended to have some downhill basics. Proof of vaccination is required to enter.

Kieran Horton takes off from the starting point in the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club stadium on Jan. 27. (Haley Ritchie/Yukon News)

The Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club will also host a Classic Ski and Skate for Intermediate and Advanced skiers on Feb. 15.

A Skate Ski for Beginniners is additionally planned the following month, scheduled for March 4.

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