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Clark tops in the Dry Tri

Forty-six racers including 36 individual competitors and 10 teams took on the challenge of the first ever Dry Tri off-road duathlon on the weekend.

Forty-six racers including 36 individual competitors and 10 teams took on the challenge of the first ever Dry Tri off-road duathlon on the weekend.

Billing itself as a triathlon for non-swimmers, racers ran four kilometres, then biked 20 kilometres, then ran another 20 kilometres on the rugged trails surrounding the Takhini Hot Springs.

Under blue skies and bright sunshine Jonah Clark turned in the fastest overall time of the day in 1:38:46. In the women’s category Nicole Ruest set the pace in an even 2:00:42. The fastest team on the day was the mixed duo Call Perry who covered the course in 1:53:28.

By all accounts, this inaugural event was a resounding success. Over cold drinks and a hot barbecue the post-race party banter included many promises to return for next year’s second annual Dry Tri.

Top finishers:

Solo male

1st Jonah Clarke, 1:38:46

2nd Joel Macht, 1:47:38

3rd Duane Shewfelt, 1:52:54

Solo female

1st Nicole Ruest, 2:00:42

2nd Claire Macht, 2:04:38

3rd Katherine Sandiford, 2:08:14


1st Call Perry, 1:53:28

2nd Grumpson & the Tomato Man, 1:56:03

3rd Haines Train, 1:58:07

Sportslife Trail Run

Thursday’s trail run saw the largest number of runners so far, with 39 people out to tackle leg two of the Yukon River Trail Marathon.

Several members of the Yukon’s male Westerns soccer team came out to use the run as conditioning.

Three of those players — who are also members of the Yukon cross country ski team — took the top three placings in the time trial.

Runners started at Miles Canyon and were treated to stunning vistas from a single track trail overlooking the Yukon River. The run ended at the Chadburn Lake day-use area and was about 10.5 kilometres long. It was ranked as moderate on the difficulty scale.

Top finishers:


1st Stephen Dynes, 44:56

2nd Jeff Wood, 45:03

3rd Logan Potter, 45:31


1st Amy Riske, 55:59

2nd Jenny Trapnell, 56:19

3rd Val Neufeld, 59:29

Tomorrow’s run will be leg three of the Yukon River Trail Marathon. Meet at the Chadburn Lake day use area at 6:15 p.m.

Leg three is 11 kilometres long and ranked moderate with a few big hills. The run finishes at the Miles Canyon bridge. Some vehicles can be shuttled at the Chadburn Lake trailhead. Call 333-0983 or 334-8987 for more information.

The Yukon River Trail Marathon takes place on August 5th. If you are not up for running the full marathon, we offer a half marathon as well as two- or four-person relay.

Men’s commercial golf

Pour Rite Construction was the only team to win all eight points in last week’s Men’s Commercial golf at Mountainview.

This places them third behind Emco 4-Skins and Mackay LLP. Emco 4-Skins earned seven points and Mackay LLP, Feature Foods, Super Save Propane, and Kal-Tire earned six points each in the stroke format. Next week’s format will be individual match play.

Current standings (July 5, season total):

1st Emco 4-Skins, 7, 53

2nd MacKay LLP, 6, 48

3rd Pour Rite Construction, 8, 44

4th Shoppers Drug, 4, 41

5th Missing Links, 4, 40

6th Feature Foods, 6, 39

7th Matco Transportation, 4, 39

8th Lister’s Motor Sports, 5, 37

9th Ketza Construction, 2, 37

10th The Chain Gang, 3, 35

11th Skookum Asphalt, 3, 32

12th Super A, 2, 32

13th Macdonald & Co., 4, 31

14th NuWay Crushing, 5, 31

15th Olson Construction, 4, 31

16th P&M Recycling, 4, 30

17th Talmark/Sit Easy, 4, 30

18th Northwestel, 2, 30

19th Triple “J” Services, 4, 28

20th Irving Collision, 4, 28

21st Kal Tire, 6, 27

22nd Total Trac Yukon, 1, 27

23rd Roadhouse Bar & Grill, 4, 25

24th Roadhouse Offsales Relics, 0, 24

25th Northerm, 0, 20

26th Whitehorse Business Machines, 0, 19

27th Super Save Propane, 6, 19

28th Casa Loma Motel, 2, 11