Carlson siblings snag badminton titles

Even with the largest turnout in tournament history, with 119 registered players, including ones from Dawson, Teslin, BC, plus individuals from Mayo and Yellowknife, Watson Lake’s Jason Carlson and Vanessa Carlson were again at the top.

Even with the largest turnout in tournament history, with 119 registered players, including ones from Dawson, Teslin, BC, plus individuals from Mayo and Yellowknife, Watson Lake’s Jason Carlson and Vanessa Carlson were again at the top.

Although qualifying for junior categories, the two siblings won the open singles divisions at the Yukon Badminton Championships over the weekend at Porter Creek Secondary.

“I was pretty excited to defend my title this year,” said Jason. “There were three matches and they were all pretty close, pretty tight. Two years ago there wasn’t as much competition, last year there were one or two good games, and this year the whole thing was a lot more competitive. Bringing in players from down south was awesome for the competitiveness.

“The finals went to three games, so it was very challenging.”

Jason captured the men’s singles title, going undefeated, beating BC’s Yuichi Takasaka in the final. Vanessa took the open women’s, going undefeated in the round-robin.

“The singles were fun – it was definitely good to win again,” said Vanessa. “It was really good to play in the men’s doubles because that was the most competitive for me.

“That was the closest one.”


Though Vanessa came up short in the open men’s doubles, Jason also took gold in that division, defeating silver medalists Abel Chua and Eng Chua in the final with partner Justin Dragoman from Dawson. Dragoman, who represented the territory at the Canada Winter Games in February, also won the U-19 boys’ singles at the championships.

“Justin played absolutely unbelievable throughout the entire doubles tournament,” said Jason. “It was awesome to see we could play together at the same level. We don’t get too much time to practice together.”

Jason’s singles win is his second in a row, winning the open men’s last year when the division was first introduced. He and Vanessa, 16, have also won handfuls of junior titles over previous years.

The two Watson Lakers have also had great success over numerous appearances at the Arctic Winter Games. Last year Vanessa won gold in U-19 singles and a silver in mixed doubles with Jason at the Arctics in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Jason also took a bronze junior male singles.

The two players will all but certainly be two of eight players on Team Yukon for the Western Canada Summer Games this August in Kamloops, BC.

“And we’re gearing up for the 2012 Arctic Winter Games here in Whitehorse next March,” said Yukon Badminton Association president Michael Muller. “Jason and Vanessa are some of the few people to take matches and medals away from Greenland. Greenland is very strong in badminton because of its connection with Denmark.

“Jason is too old for the Arctics, but he will go to Westerns, and Vanessa will go to both.”


Open men’s singles

Gold – Jason Carlson

Silver – Yuichi Takasaka

Bronze – Abel Chua

Open women’s singles

Gold – Vanessa Carlson

Silver – Jasmine Gordon

Bronze – Martha Phillips

Open mixed doubles

Gold – Yuichi Takasaka/Jasmine Gordon

Silver – Sandeep Sharma/Yeu Fang Sharma

Bronze – Abel Chua/Shermain Chua

Open men’s doubles

Gold – Jason Carlson/Justin Dragoman

Silver – Abel Chua/Eng Chua

Bronze – Seth Rotondi/Sandeep Sharma

Open women’s doubles

Gold – Jasmine Gordon/Leanne Gordon

Silver – Sharmaine Chua/Mel Acosta

Bronze – Sarina Sydney/Haley Labar

U-19 boys’ singles

Gold – Justin Dragoman

Silver – Anuj Dake

Bronze – Afsal Djearam

U-19 girls’ singles

Gold – Leanne Gordon

Silver – Sarina Sydney

Bronze – Patty Wallingham

U-19 boys’ doubles

Gold – Anuj Dake/Afsal Djearam

Silver – Alastair Findlay-Brook/Casey Parker

U-16 boys’ singles

Gold – Alastair Findlay-Brook

Silver – Peter Jensen

Bronze – Axel Riemer

U-16 girls’ singles

Gold – Shermaine Chua

Silver – Ashley Anderson

Bronze – Montong Javannatum

U-16 mixed doubles

Gold – Trygg Jensen/Hanna Wirth

Silver – Liam Finnegan/Montong Javannatum

Bronze – Francis Bouffard/Autum Jules

U-16 boys’ doubles

Gold – Alastair Findlay-Brook/Axel Riemer

Silver – Peter Jensen/Clayton Mervyn

Bronze – Francis Bouffard/Paul Kormendy

U-16 girls’ doubles

Gold – Emily Knickle/Montong Javannatum

Silver – Autum Jules/Taneshia Jules

Bronze – Ashley Anderson/Mary-Willow Secord

U-14 boys’ singles

Gold – Trygg Jensen

Silver – Benjamin Grundmanis

Bronze – Alex Hansen

U-14 girls’ singles

Gold – Quynh Nguyen

Silver – Delaney Paul

Bronze – Hanna Wirth

U-14 boys’ doubles

Gold – Trygg Jensen/Allen Mark

Silver – Brandon Lafler/Pierre Lefebvre

Bronze – Benjamin Grundmanis/Peter Jacob

U-14 girls’ doubles

Gold – Aline Halliday/Quynh Nguyen

Silver – Shania Hogan/Aleshia Kremer

Bronze – Delaney Paul/Hanna Wirth

U-12 boys’ singles

Gold – Flynn Krabel

Silver – Aamir Djearam

Bronze – Mannie Sharma

U-12 girls’ singles

Gold – Aleshia Kremer

Silver – Shania Hogan

Bronze – Destiny Taylor

U-12 boys’ doubles

Gold – Spencer Lessard/Tim Schirmer

Silver – Aamir Djearam/Ritik Sharma

Bronze – Flynn Krabel/Francis Reid

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