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Canada Games athletes fastest in Vanier Run

Fast on snow and ice translated to fast on trail and cement in the Vanier Run at Vanier Catholic Secondary on Friday.

Fast on snow and ice translated to fast on trail and cement in the Vanier Run at Vanier Catholic Secondary on Friday.

More than 250 runners participated in the school run and the winners of the male and female five-kilometre races were athletes who have represented the territory in winter sports.

Producing the fastest time on the five-kilometre course for females was juvenile runner Heather Clarke from Vanier.

“It was good. It was challenging,” said Clarke. “The hills at the beginning are always challenging, but it was fun.

“I’m more a long distance kind of runner, so the hills aren’t my strong suit, but I like the challenge of it.”

Clarke, a competitive speed skater who has represented the Yukon at the Canada Winter Games and at the Arctic Winter Games, finished in 26 minutes and 32 seconds. Her team won the junior category at last year’s Klondike Trail of ‘98 International Road Relay.

Coming in with the second fastest time was FH Collin’s Corey Baxter in the midget division with a time of 27:46, beating Golden Horn School bantam runner Mary McBride, who finished in 28:44.

Winning for the boys was another Vanier student and juvenile division runner. Cross-country skier Fabian Brook was the fastest on the five-kilometre course, finishing in 21:59.

Brook, who won his division in the Carmacks run hosted by Tantalus School a couple weeks ago, also competed at the Canada Winter Games in February and at the Arctic Winter Games. At the Yukon Cross-Country Ski Championships at the start of April, Brook was the fastest male on the 10-kilometre course, taking in the Gordon Taylor Award.

Tying for the second-fastest time was Porter Creek’s Scott Peterson, second in the juvenile division, and FH Collin’s Kieran Halliday in midget, both finishing in 22:04.

In the three-kilometre race for the younger grades, Whitehorse Elementary’s Hannah Shier was fastest for the girls while schoolmate Joe Parker was for the boys.

The Vanier Run has an interesting course, featuring three big, steep climbs in the five-kilometre course and two big climbs in the three-kilometre.

“Some people are like, ‘Vanier’s is so hard,’ but then I hear other people say, ‘I love that run,’” said race co-ordinator Sylvie Hamel. “It’s very scenic and it’s good for the lungs.”


Atom (3km)

1st Celeste Findlay (WES) - 27:45

2nd Meghan Pennington (ESES) - 28:32

3rd Jordan Fahr (ESES) - 31:05

Peewee (3km)

1st Hannah Shier (WES) - 21:26

2nd Sophie Janke (WES) - 21:46

3rd Amanda Thomson (EWES) - 22:02

Bantam (5km)

1st Mary McBride (GH) - 28:44

2nd Shania Hogan (Teslin) - 36:55

3rd Andrea Sheldon (Teslin) - 37:01

Midget (5km)

1st Corey Baxter (FH) - 27:46

2nd Flavie Morin-Dore (PCSS) - 31:49

3rd Kyla Kijewski (VCSS) - 31:53

Juvenile (5km)

1st Heather Clarke (VCSS) - 26:32

2nd Forest Martin (VCSS) - 36:35

Adult (5km)

1st Trina Irving (PC) - 31:18

2nd Janine Fedoriak (JH) - 33:01

3rd Karen Zgeb (ESES) - 33:03


Novice (3km)

1st Noah Connell (EET) - 35:58

2nd Joshua Shiner (Tantulas) - 44:17

Atom (3km)

1st Ethan Davy (ESES) - 32:29

2nd Aaron McInnis (ESES) - 32:32

3rd Carter Claggett (GH) - 36:14

Peewee (3km)

1st Joe Parker (WES) - 21:34

2nd Ben Shier (GH) - 22:05

2nd Wyatt Peterson (JH) - 22:05

3rd Adrian Robinson (HF) - 23:06

Bantam (5km)

1st Jarrett Peterson (JH) - 26:55

2nd Gavin Lawrie (JH) - 27:41

3rd Logan Morris (ESES) - 29:47

Midget (5km)

1st Kieran Halliday (FH) - 22:04

2nd Caelan McLean (GH) - 23:20

3rd Ayron Legault (Tantalus) - 25:07

Juvenile (5km)

1st Fabian Brook (VCSS) - 21:59

2nd Scott Peterson (PC) - 22:04

3rd Matthew Ford (VCSS) - 24:51

Junior (5km)

1st Travis Wilson (PC) - 25:56

2nd Delanie Charlie (PC) - 33:36

Adult (5km)

1st Corrie Lalonde (HF) - 37:46

Masters (5km)

1st Dennis Peters (JH) - 29:05

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