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Burton misses opportunity to close gap

“They had a chance to take us out, but they missed it,” said Pat Bratz, a member of the Groenewegen rink.

“They had a chance to take us out, but they missed it,” said Pat Bratz, a member of the Groenewegen rink.

Down 3-1 in the fourth end, the Burton rink failed to get a rock past a pair of blockers, missing an opportunity to potentially tie the game and paving the way for the Groenewegen rink to take a 7-2 win Monday evening at the Whitehorse Curling Club.

“That was their misfortune,” said Groenewegen’s Johan Groenewegen. “Otherwise it would have been a much closer game.”

Both rinks are now 1-1 for the season.

Rathgeber picks up

win in final end

In the closest game of the evening, after taking the lead and then losing it, the Rathgeber rink picked up a win, scoring three points in the final end to jump ahead 11-9 and defeat the House Cleaners.

“We kept bouncing back-and-forth,” said House Cleaners’ Danny Lewis. “That was a lot of fun.”

The House Cleaners looked to be on their way to victory in the final end, making their final rock the shot-rock. However, Rathgeber managed to produce a take-out for the win.

“You guys were jumping up and down hoping you got it, and I was in the back hoping you missed,” added Lewis, speaking to the Rathgeber rink.

House Cleaners are now winless after two. Rathgeber now sits at 1-0.

Sl-Hackers hack out second win

The Kinsella rink stole two points in the seventh end, but it was too little, too late, as the Sl-Hackers moved to a 2-0 record with an 8-2 win.

“In the seventh end, if I had made my draw shot, then they wouldn’t have scooped two,” said Sl-Hackers’ Jeanne Kucherean. “I needed to draw in past theirs, they had two sitting lovely, right on the ... outside red ring, and I needed to be in behind them.”

Although the team’s name is pronounced “slackers,” there was very little slacking taking place early on, as they went on the steal in four of the first five ends to go up 4-0.

Banks/Jack moves to

.500 record with blowout

According to Banks/Jack rink member, Pat Banks, luck made the difference in her team’s 11-2 win over Gauthier.

“We had a lot of horseshoes in our end,” said Banks. “One team always gets the luck and the other team doesn’t.”

Of course, with a total of 11 points earned, the Banks/Jack rink was racking up successful ends throughout the game. However, the fifth end stands out. With Gauthier in the position to score, throwing the final rock of the end, Banks/Jack managed to steal two points.

“Anytime you steal two, it’s good,” said Banks.

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