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Bogle reclaims Fun Run crown

It might be called a “fun” run, but Sue Bogle ran like a woman possessed.She was seeking redemption after losing last week’s race…

It might be called a “fun” run, but Sue Bogle ran like a woman possessed.

She was seeking redemption after losing last week’s race by one second to the swift Melissa O’Brien.

Bogle was the fastest female runner of the evening running her personal best of the season (20:12).

Bogle seems determined to break the 20-minute threshold within weeks. Josianne Markley finished in second place over a minute and a half later at 21:54.

Fourteen-year-old Heidi Brook, an accomplished member of the celebrated Yukon Cross Country Ski Team, finished in third place at 22:33.

With some of his young, fast colleagues taking the night off, John Parry, the ever-smiling University of Alaska at Fairbanks athlete, took the lead from the start and became the fastest runner of the evening finishing in 19:28.

Don White, the venerable veteran runner and Yukon Sport Hall of Fame member, finished second at 20:14.

He ran with Bogle and paced her to her impressive time. Third place went to Harrison Kwok, who was just 12 seconds behind White at 20:26.

In the walking category, Arlene Ogden was the fastest female. This week she kicked in her turbocharger, walking 30 seconds faster than last week and completing the five-kilometre course in just 33:49.

The fastest male walker was Phil Gibson. Gibson challenged Ogden throughout the course and managed to finish just two seconds ahead of her at 33:47.


Male 5-kilometre run

1st John Parry, 19:28

2nd Don White, 20:14

3rd Harrison Kwok, 20:26

4th Patrick Anderson, 21:01

5th Duane Shewfelt, 21:27

6th Scott Westberg, 21:27

7th Caleb Kelly, 21:49

8th Grant Macdonald, 24:14

9th Richard Zral, 24:22

10th Jason Gendron, 24:26

11th Aiden Gibson, 24:44

12th James Yeulet, 25:13

13th Brian Mottus, 25:28

14th Loic Markley, 26:24

15th Tim Shoniker, 27:44

16th Jim Newnham, 28:25

3-kilometre run

1st Jarrod Gibson, 27:57

2.5-kilometre run   

1st Dan Macdonald, 12:45

5-kilometre walk

1st Phillip Gibson, 33:47

2nd Randy Dart, 42:21


5-kilometre run

1st Sue Bogle, 20:12

2nd Josianne Markley, 21:54

3rd Heidi Brook, 22:33

4th Megan Phillips, 24:50

5th Margaret Mundell, 25:35

6th Helen O’Connor, 26:08

7th Irina Shempliner, 26:24

8th Mya Eastmure, 26:37

9th Sharon Small, 26:54

10th Cassandra Kelly, 27:40

11th Julia Gerlach, 28:49

12th Anne Krumsick, 28:49

13th Catherine Zeigler, 30:29

14th Nancy Brady, 31:51

3-kilometre run

1st Amy MacDonald, 17:09

2nd Talia Mitchell, 17:16

3rd Jay Kelly, 17:23

4th Ashley Leas, 17:47

5th Emily Dorosz, 17:47

6th Nicola Fairman, 22:12

7th Suzanne Gibson, 27:50

2.5-kilometre run

1st Brooke Bunce, 15:42

2nd Tina Bunce, 15:42

5-kilometre walk

1st Arlene Ogden, 33:49

2nd Sharon Johnson, 36:48

3rd Doris Dart, 42:21s