Blisner and Hodgins set the rec league ablaze

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey Tuesday results: Boston Pizza 17 Southern Tutchone Storm 10 Lots of scoring in this barnburner, with Barry…


Recreational Hockey

Tuesday results:

Boston Pizza 17

Southern Tutchone

Storm 10

Lots of scoring in this barnburner, with Barry Blisner leading the way with seven goals and six assists for Boston Pizza.

Derek Johnstone added six goals and seven assists, while Mike Young scored twice and had five helpers.

Lance Brown scored once and assisted on five more, and Rob Johnson assisted four goals.

Trevor Twardochleb had a goal and three assists, and James Edzerza assisted on a pair.

Storm scorers were led by Ryan Hodgins, with seven goals and two assists, and Darrell Sturko added a goal and four assists. Tim McIntosh had five assists, and Scott Horsey scored two and three assists.

Kevin Smith added a pair of assists.

Air North Jets 14

Cinderwood Canucks 4

The Jets served up a 10-goal victory margin on Tuesday with both Darius Elias and Gerry Grant netting hat tricks. Elias assisted on two goals as well. Wesley Marsh added a pair of goals and four assists, while Ryan Kinney and Jeff Foster scored two goals each. Willy McKenna scored one and helped out with five assists, and Andrew Sim netted one and assisted on three. Ben Harper recorded five assists, and Ben Sparling helped out with two.

Cinderwood’s scorers were Mike L’henaff, with two goals, Aaron Pettitt and Ian Kuster. Ben Wondga assisted on two goals.


Oldtimers Hockey

Wednesday results:

Medicine Chest 6

Performance Centre

Turbos 4

Ed van Randen led the Chest over the Turbos, with a pair of goals. Grant Lyon scored one and added two assists, and Ron Sumanik, Mike Kenny and Russell Bamford scored as well. Bruce Williams had two assists.

Gord Kuchler, Rob Millar, Ernie Jamieson and Brian Gudmundson scored for the Turbos, with Glen Heinbigner and Jerry Wald assisting on two goals each.

Yukon Inn 4

AON Flames 2

Lester Balsillie, Wayne Crowe, Mike Blower and Greg Bull scored for the Inn, and Bernie Adilman assisted on two goals.

The Flames’ scorers were Steve McGrath and Bill Bohmer.

Indoor soccer

Under-13 (Monday)

Bumper to Bumper 5

McKay LLP 5

The Risbys, Ashly and Kyle, led Bumper to Bumper scoring, with two goals each, and Caleb Kelly added the fifth goal. Kieran Small took MVP honours for the Bumpers.

McKay’s Travis Pumphrey and Cameron Weeks scored a pair each, with Pumphrey taking the MVP nod. Jake Ruddy added a goal to keep things even.

Under-15 (Tuesday)

Klondike Copier 17

Colad Laser Centre 7

Klondike’s Stephen Dynes was responsible for the 10-goal spread in this game against Colad. Kathleen Hare netted five goals, and Michael Hemmings and Courtney MacPhail added one each. Ally Fraser took MVP honours.

Wayne Dupont booted in four goals, Reese Steele-Lane added two, and Colby Heynen scored as well. Kaitland Petersen was Colad’s MVP.

Pine Plumbing 7

Audette Construction 5

Michael Donohoe led the plumbers with four goals, and MVP Cody Reaume netted the hat trick.

Tony Nguyen scored four goals for Audette, and Alex Lindsay added the fifth. Lauren Skookum took MVP honours.

Shaske & Zeiner

Appraisals 10

Dave’s Cleaning 8

Shaske’s David Hemmings netted four goals in this fairly tight competition. Paul Profeit and Marcus Liebau scored two goals each, Thomas McWhinnie and Jeremy Johnson added singles. Devon Armstrong was named top player.

Jim Semaschuk got the hat trick for the Cleaning, and Cody Morrison and MVP Sandy Schnieder added a pair each, while Kynan McIntyre added the eighth.


Tuesday night league

Kilrich 17

Yukon Brewing 12

Cameron Webber led Kilrich, as he swept the Brewing’s Grayson Peters. Lori Muir beat Janet Lee in five sets.

Yukon Brewing winners were Kevin Daffe, who beat Vince Boutelier in four, and Jeff Seaman, who needed five sets to beat Chris Toleman.

Assante 19

Ketza 14

Assante’s Michael Hanson beat Phil Jackson in four sets, Pierre LaCasse and Mark Tubman won in five against Marie Desmarais and Peter Densmore, respectively.

Charlie Hoeller had Ketza’s only win, beating Eric Magnuson in four.

High Country Inn 15

Underhill 13

Blaine Tessier’s four-set win over Marc Emond led High Country past Underhill in this match up. Patrick Gardiner needed five sets to beat Underhill’s Jane Bell.

Shaun Stinson swept High Country’s Trevor Goety, and Robert McMynn beat Jim Gilpin in five.

Standings as of

December 5:

1st Assante, 93

2nd Kilrich, 76

3rd Ketza, 70

4th Pizza Hut, 61

5th High Country Inn, 58

6th Underhill, 53

7th Yukon Brewing, 40