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Blayne Monahan dominates on the ice

Recreational hockey(Saturday)U-Brew Bruins 11Yukon Inn/Boiler Room 8Blayne Monahan led the charge with five goals and four assists for the…

Recreational hockey


U-Brew Bruins 11

Yukon Inn/Boiler Room 8

Blayne Monahan led the charge with five goals and four assists for the Bruins, while Tyson Hawkins contributed a hat trick and three assists. Shay Mortimer, Shayne Parker, and Ralph Sembsmoen each added a single marker.

For the losing side, Adam George and Josh Beckett each netted a pair, while Elliot Kaminecki, Hugh Boyle, Wayne Risby and Dave Galbraith each scored once.

ORC Tree Services 3

Envirolube 1

Dan Crawford, Dan Johnson and Mike Beauchamp scored for the ORCs, while Richard Niman was the lone scorer for the losing side.


Yukon Inn/Boiler Room 7

Narrow Gauge 7

Dave Galbraith performed a hat trick for the boiler gang. Lars Jessup netted a pair, while Wayne Risby and Hugh Boyle added to the score.

For Narrow Gauge, Dan McDonald was a scoring machine with his four goals. Sam Penner contributed a pair and Milo Jordan had scored a single marker.

Kluane Drillers 8

U-Brew Bruins 6

Braeden Thomson drilled the defence with his five goals to help Kluane in its victory. Tyler Murray added three goals to the tally.

Tyson Hawkins scored twice for the losing side, while Marcel Barreault, Blayne Monahan, Shayne Parker and Ralph Sembsmoen each scored once.

Atom hockey


Pearson Dental 8

Jen-Tech 5

Riley Smoler was an offensive powerhouse with his six goals, while Ryan Edwards’ pair and Isaiah Schab single marker rounded up the score.

Jen-Tech’s Riley Bedard netted a hat trick with Nicholas Light and Zachery Thaxter adding to the score.

Bantam hockey


Duncan’s 3

Castlerock 0

Madrick Morin-Perreault, Bradley Koprowsky and Ben Pereira were the scorers. Patrick Soprovich earned the shutout.