Bhullar and Nunez: under 11 scoring machines

Indoor soccer Under-11 (Wednesday) Assante 13 Alkan Air 1 Sameen Bhullar booted in five goals for Assante, taking the MVP nod, in trouncing Alkan.

Indoor soccer

Under-11 (Wednesday)

Assante 13

Alkan Air 1

Sameen Bhullar booted in five goals for Assante, taking the MVP nod, in trouncing Alkan. Ryan Chippett scored three, Ben Deacon and Talia Woodland added two each, and Heiko Nyland scored as well.

Ashley Weeks scored the lone Alkan goal, and Miranda Walsh took top player honours.

Mic Mac Toyota 8

Sale Salvage 7

Belgie Nunez led Mic Mac with seven goals, while Megan Andison added a single and took MVP honours.

Peter Joe Jensen netted three goals for Sale, Logan Frasher added two, and James Bullers and Trygg Jensen scored singles. Nicholas Widdis played great defense and was named player of the game.

Budget Rent-a-Car 4

ReMax 1

Matthew Smith led the rentals with a pair of goals, while Elijah Ens and Owen Hedstrom-Langsford added singles.

Kieran Morehouse scored for ReMaz and took MVP honours.

Territorial Auto Parts 9

Whitehorse Star 0

Landon Worsfold put in four goals for Territorial Auto, with assists from MVP Dominic Korn to lead the scoring in this one-sided affair. Connar Morgan scored 2, and Christina Anderson, Liam Janke, and Travis Banks added goals as well.

Garret Stagg was the MVP for Whitehorse Star.

Under-seven (Tuesday):

Yukon News 6

Oranje 2

Yukon News goal scorers were Ryan Hindson with three, Elisha Leenders, Brody Ryckman, and Liam Adel. Sarah Leslie took MVP honours. Oranje’s only scorer was Anthony Steele, who netted both goals and Clodagh Berg was named the MVP.

Boston Pizza 3

Plantation Flowers

and Gifts 1

Mackenzie Orban, Jonas Leas and Joe Parker scored for Boston Pizza, and the MVP was Thomas Brenner.

Plantation’s goal was scored by Aiden Johnson, and he was also named player of the game.

Underhill Geomatics 6

Murraya Dental 1

Brandon Barrett booted in five big goals for the Geomatics, and Brandon Smith added a single. Brandon Smith took top player honours. Murraya Dental’s goal scorer was Gordon Huebschwerlen.

Under-13 (Monday)

MacKay LLP 11

BMO Bank Of Montreal 6

Travis Pumphrey and Cameron Weeks led MacKay as they thumped the BMO, scoring four goals each. Curtis Van Bibber netted a pair, and Trey Yakeleya scored one. Madeline Berezowski took MVP honours.

 Max Melvin-Mcnutt scored the hat trick for BMO, and Mary Bennet added a pair. Felix Bouchard scored as well. Kira Hunston was named BMO’s player of the game.

Snap On Tools 4

Yukon Outfitters 3

Nicole Bandera opened the scoring for Yukon Outfitters Association to give it the lead. Then Joaquin McWatters and Dylan Sands each scored to take the lead fo Snap On Tools.

Kyle Bower and Jeff Bell regained the lead for Yukon Outfitters Association with their scoring. Joaquin McWatters replied with his second of the evening to tie the game, then Kiana Palamar got the winner late in the second half for Snap On Tools.

MVP for Snap on Tools was Eric Berquist, and Mack Potter was MVP for Yukon Outfitters Association.

Coldwell 14

Kal Tire 2

Coldwell scorers were Kurtis Hills with five goals, Robyn Fortune with three, and Tyson Baxter, Linda Aranda and Massey Baker scored a pair each. Ella Parker was named top player.

Theoren Richards netted two for Kal Tire, Jack Lanigan took MVP honours.

Under-15 (Tuesday)

EBA Engineering 14

Pine Plumbing 13

Travis Olynk led EBA with four goals, while MVP Riley Smith, Kellie Brown and Robin Smith all scored hat tricks. Janelle Greer scored as well.

Pine Plumbing’s offense rested with two players, Michael Donahoe scored eight times, and Cody Reaume added five goals. Blayne Hierlihy took MVP honours.

Audette Construction 7

Klondike Copier  5

The teams were evenly matched as the score see-sawed back and forth until the middle of the second half, when Audette pulled ahead.

Scoring for Audette Construction were Tyler Audette, Tony Nguyen, Dakota Couch, with two and Alex Lindsay, with the hat trick. Erin Eady took MVP honours.

Scoring for Klondike Copier were Ross Mitcham-Timpany, Stephen Dynes, with three and Michael Hemmings who also earned the MVP nod.

Quarton & Sutherland 7

Energy North Construction 3

Q&S’s Michael Irish led the charge with four goals, while Sarah Allison added a pair. David Ratcliff booted one in as well. MVP was Jonothan Quarton.

Logan Potter netted two goals for Energy North, while Jason Smith added a single.

The Electrical Shop 7

Colad Laser Centre 5

Brett Hills earned the Electrical Shop’s MVP honours by scoring five goals, while Emily Fedoriak and Michael Abbott added a goal each. Colad’s scorers were Katelyn Peterson, Reese Steel-Lane, Andrew Walchuk, Wayne Dupont and Colby Heynen. Logan Dupont took the MVP honours.

Under-18 (Tuesday)

Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal 11

Qualita Cleaners 8

Markus Leibau scored four goals for Shaske & Zeiner, Jeremy (no last name) scored three, and David Hemmings added two. Nathalia Timenez and Thomas McWhinnie scored as well. Jessie Williams was named top player.

Cory Birkel, John Borud and Thorin Loeks scored two each for Qualita, while MVP Ryan Wilson and Emilie Bouchard scored as well.

Dave’s Cleaning 12

Sportslodge 10

Dave’s top scorer was Jimmy Semaschuk, who netted seven goals, Cody Reynolds scored three, while Kinanen MacIntyre and Graedon Furgeson netted one each.

Grant McWatters netted four goals for Sportslodge, Josh Hanrath scored three, and Devon Blanchard scored two. Hannah Todd added a single and Kyle Levia took MVP honours.

Coed league (Wednesday)

Assante Financial 10

Sanchez Cantina 7

Luke Wadey, and James and Jeremy Raymond scored two goals each, and Greg Morris and Marshall Hatton added singles.

Marc Pronovost and Andrew Morris scored as well.

Sanchez’ scorers were Dave Strachan, with two goals, and John Main, Jennifer Gavin, Joe Morrison, Kris Schneider and Bruno Bourdache added singles.

Oldtimers Hockey

Wednesday results:

AON Flames 2

Edgewater Hotel 1

 Al Lane and Brian Boorse scored for the Flames in this defensive match-up.

Sean McAskie scored the lone Edgewater goal.

Yukon Inn 3

Klondyke Dental Molars 3

Kelly Collins netted two goals for the Inn, and Wayne Crowe added a single. Dave Pearson and Alain Pelletier recorded assists.  The Molars’ Gerry Rivest, Jim Baker and Jordan Borgford scored a goal each, keeping things nice and even.

Medicine Chest 8

Firth Rangers 4

 Ed VanRanden had the hat trick, leading the Chest as they doubled up on Firth. Grant Lyon scored a pair, Scott Lowery and Ron Sumanik scored as well. Peter Grundmanis found the net also.

Scoring for the Rangers was Tom Amson, Tim Turner-Davis, Paul Sahagian and Ted Hupe.