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Bennett banks a hat trick in close win

Indoor SoccerUnder-15 (Tuesday)Coldwell Banker 9Kilrich Industries 8Mary Bennett led the Bankers with a hat trick in this high-scoring affair.

Indoor Soccer

Under-15 (Tuesday)

Coldwell Banker 9

Kilrich Industries 8

Mary Bennett led the Bankers with a hat trick in this high-scoring affair. Theron Richard, Michael Donahoe and Dillon Vickerman scored two goals each, and Delaney Charlie took the MVP honours.

Kaiden McIntyre scored three goals for Kilrich, Jeremy Mann netted a pair, and Jeff Bell, Alex Lindsay and David Ratcliff scored as well. Tyler Pye was named MVP.

Pine Plumbing 9

Energy North 6

Tayo and Ale Adamek, Cameron and Nick Gillen all scored two goals as the Plumbers flushed Energy North. Katie Lowey added the ninth goal, and the MVP was Lindsay Webster.

Tyson Baxter and William Thomson netted two each for Energy North, while Nick Daniels and MVP Shannon Thompson scored as well.

Wintemute Electric 6

The Electrical Shop 6

Wintemute Electric’s scorers in this high-scoring draw were Ian Wintemute, with two, and Jack Lanigan, Kyle Risby, Taylor Barr and Korbyn Gendron scored as well. Caleb Kelly took the MVP honours.

The Electrical Shop’s Belgie Nunez Zuniga and Travis Olynyk scored a pair each, Dakota Couch and MVP Will Parker scored as well.

Under-13 (Wednesday)

Woodhouse Consulting 8

Whitehorse Star 3

Mike Wintemute had the hat trick for Woodhouse, while Raymond Emsley, Ally Peters, MVP Lynsey Keaton, Jessica Christensen and Patrick Vaughan scored as well.

Graham Mainer-Pearson netted a pair for The Star, and Jessie Cebuliak scored one and took the MVP nod.

Mic Mac Toyota 6

Salvation Army 1

Charlie Kedzoira, Travis Banks and Christina Anderson distributed the goal scoring evenly for Mic Mac, with two goals each, and Chris Dick took the MVP honours.

Thomas Mostyn scored the lone goal for the Salvation Army; Jake Ruddy was named MVP.

Under-nine (Tuesday)

Pelly Construction 1

Underhill Geomatics 1

Pelly Construction’s goal scorer in this defensive battle was Mathew Cooper, and the MVP was Matthew Butler.

Underhill’s scorers weren’t available.

Dirkbuilt 4

Murraya Dental 1

Jonathan Amos, Morgan Ramsay, Tristan Rentmeister and Jonas Leas scored for Dirkbuilt, and the MVP was Kelsey Armstrong.

Sean Clarke had the only Murraya Dental goal; Brahm Hyde was named MVP.

Titan Gaming 6

Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori 3

Alex Soin’s hat trick led the way for Titan, and MVP Mikaela Ponsioen netted a pair, and Luka VanRanden added one.

Logan Harris netted two for Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori, Graydon MacDonnel added one and took the MVP nod.

Northern Denture 3

Mobile Maintenance 0

Devon Seaman booted in two goals, as Northern Denture chomped Mobile and shut the door. Brody Ryckman added one and Sophie Rees was named top player.

Mobile Maintenance’s MVP was Daniel Sennett.


Tuesday night league

Standings as of November 6:

1st MEADIAsolutions, 39

2nd Kilrich, 35

3rd  (tie) Ketza, Yukon Brewing, 28

4th Pizza Hut, 27

5th Assante, 13

6th Roche Financial, 12