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Arctic Edge wins 12 medals at Super Series closer

The Arctic Edge has been getting sharper all season.

The Arctic Edge has been getting sharper all season.

Whitehorse’s Arctic Edge Skating Club closed the books on another season with 12 medals at the 2014 Super Series Vancouver Island Skate International over the weekend in Parksville, B.C. That’s up from 10 medals at last year’s season-ending meet.

“It was definitely a young team that we’re just developing,” said Arctic Edge coach Trish Pettitt. “There were older ones as well, but for the younger ones it was their first competition going to VISI, or their second time, and they did really well.

“It was their end of year and they really improved - you can tell from the results.”

“Everyone did really well,” added Arctic Edge coach Michelle Gorczyca. “It was a very positive experience for all of them, which was a really nice way to finish the year.”

Arctic Edge’s Alissa Russell was twice golden at VISI. After bringing home a gold and bronze last year, she won two gold this year, winning in the STAR 4 and pre-intro interpretive.

“She challenged herself this year and stepped up,” said Pettitt. “We went out to a competition two months ago and she was fifth in the same category. So I think she came back, added a little bit of speed. Her spins were so much better, she landed all her jumps a little bit cleaner and that pulled her right up.”

Landyn Blisner added a third gold to Arctic Edge’s list with a win in the STAR 5 category in girls under-13. Blisner, who captured gold at VISI last year as well, skated for Yukon at the Arctic Winter Games last month and took fifth in Ladies 1.

“She did amazing,” said Gorczyca. “It’s by far the best she’s done in competition. She landed two axels and a double sal(chow) and her spins were very strong. She went out and was well packaged, had the jumps she needed at her level along with the spins and the choreography.”

Teammate Tessa Moore bagged two medals in Parksville. She won silver in STAR 3 and bronze in pre-intro interpretive.

The STAR divisions were good to Arctic Edge.

Meghan Birmingham claimed silver in STAR 3, Anika Kramer silver in STAR 1, Sarah Milton silver in STAR 2, and Emilie Perreault bronze in STAR 3.

Mikayla Kramer captured the bronze in juvenile ladies under-11. Kramer placed sixth in Ladies 3 at last month’s Arctic Winter Gaems in Fairbanks, Alaska.

“The ones went to Arctic Winter Games, I think they finished off the year fairly well,” said Pettitt. “They improved their skates from the Arctic Games ... they finished the season off with a much better skate.”

Two Arctic Edge skaters jumped from the bottom to bronze in their two days of competition.

Bronwyn Hays placed seventh out of seven in STAR 4 and bounced back to take bronze in the pre-intro interpretive.

Jenelle Clethero came ninth out of nine in STAR 5 and responded with bronze in intro interpretive.

“She had a tough skate. It was just one of those skates that ended up being a little harder,” said Pettitt. “But then she came back the next day and skated awesome. It was good to see her come back and skate a really nice program.”

Jamie Nickel was twice edged out of hardware. The Arctic Edge skater came fourth in STAR 4 and in pre-intro interpretive.

“She just got one of her new jumps there, probably a month before and she ended up successfully landing them,” said Pettitt.

Kelcy Armstrong, who skated at her third Arctic Games last month, capped the season with fifth in silver interpretive and 11th in senior bronze ladies.

“All interpretive (skaters) did really well, performed their program and showed off what they could do,” said Pettitt.

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